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Oakland sees violent protests for 3rd straight night -- Police in Oakland took more aggressive tactics against unruly protesters Wednesday, the third night of violence in the East Bay city, but were unable to prevent another round of damage to businesses and other private property. Kale Williams, Vivian Ho and Jill Tucker in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 11/27/14

Looting in Oakland protests: Some justify it, others condemn it -- Some call it the natural outgrowth of an expression of righteous anger. Others call it nothing more than thievery and hooliganism. Kevin Fagan, Evan Sernoffsky and Hamed Aleaziz in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 11/27/14

LAPD arrests about 130 Ferguson protesters in downtown L.A. -- Police made another mass arrest in downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday night, the third day of protests against a Missouri grand jury's decision not to indict a Ferguson police officer for the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager. Tre'vell Anderson, Samantha Masunaga, Taylor Goldenstein, Brittny Mejia in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 11/27/14

Marijuana legalization backers anxious as costs mount, donors waver --After decades helping lead the fight against the national war on drugs, Ethan Nadelmann recently joined thousands of marijuana entrepreneurs here celebrating legalization — and found the scene kind of irritating. Evan Halper in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 11/27/14

New sergeants-at-arms chief started at California Senate in '70s -- When Debbie Manning makes a request, California's most powerful politicians usually obey. Patrick McGreevy in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 11/27/14

LA Mayor hikes pay for 9 city managers; others asked to go without for 3 years -- Nine Los Angeles city managers are getting raises of 3% or 5% from Mayor Eric Garcetti at the same time negotiators are trying to forestall salary increases for a wide range of other city workers. Emily Alpert Reyes in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 11/27/14

L.A. voters won't be offered cash prizes in March city election -- A controversial proposal to offer cash prizes to Los Angeles voters is dead — at least for next year's city elections. David Zahniser in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 11/27/14

Stockton, bond firm renew fight over city’s bankruptcy appeal -- Bankrupt Stockton and its holdout creditor are fighting in court again, this time over the creditor’s plea to have the city’s debt-repayment plan put on hold while an appeal runs its course. Dale Kasler in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 11/27/14

Jerry Brown and CalPERS on course for another pension-law collision -- Don’t be surprised next year if Gov. Jerry Brown re-enters the political boxing ring for another around with CalPERS over what kinds of pay can count toward a government retiree’s pension calculations. And don’t be surprised if he loses again. Jon Ortiz in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 11/27/14

After Targeting Soda, Berkeley, California, Sets Sights on Cellphones -- A proposed new law would require cell phone vendors to include an information sheet for customers warning them of potential cell phone health risks. David Knowles Bloomberg Politics -- 11/27/14

Hot dog! At least one Jerry Brown inaugural event planned -- After he won election four years ago, Gov. Jerry Brown set up a committee to fund his inaugural ceremonies and raised more than $500,000 from private donors with a range of interests before the state. David Siders in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 11/27/14

Mayor: Sacramento should explore increase in minimum wage -- Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson and other city leaders said this week they want to explore raising the minimum wage in the city. Ryan Lillis in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 11/27/14

Amid Backlash From Residents, Garden Grove City Manager Steps Down -- Garden Grove will end a year of political tumult and controversy with new leadership on the City Council but no top executive at the helm, as city manager Matthew Fertal abruptly announced his retirement to staff Tuesday. Thy Vo -- 11/27/14

Saunders: Thanksgiving in and now out of prison -- In December 2001, I wrote my first column urging President George W. Bush to commute the sentence of Clarence Aaron, a federal drug offender who at age 24 in 1993 was sentenced to life without parole for a first-time nonviolent drug conviction. Aaron has been part of my holiday season every year since Bush left the Oval Office and Barack Obama succeeded him. Debra J. Saunders in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 11/27/14

Prop. 47 floods courts with pleas for resentencing and records purges -- Proposition 47, a sweeping ballot measure that reduced penalties for certain crimes, has already led to the release of hundreds of jail and prison inmates statewide and inundated courts with scores of applications from people who want their records cleansed of felonies. Maura Dolan in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 11/27/14

Attorney general appeals decision loosening concealed weapons rules -- The California attorney general Wednesday asked a full federal appeals court to review a controversial gun case in hopes the court will overturn a ruling by a three-judge panel that would make it easier for someone to legally carry a concealed weapon in public. Tony Perry in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 11/27/14

Greenhut: Is concealed carry a privilege or a right? -- The federal courts would never uphold a law requiring people to show “good cause” before they could speak in public or march in a parade. It would be a violation of our First Amendment rights. Steven Greenhut UT San Diego$ -- 11/27/14

Economy, Employers, Jobs, Pensions   

Life-science startups find new life in used equipment -- The freezer appeared perfect for Nirmidas Biotech. It could chill samples at a numbing minus-80 degrees Celsius. Used and marked down to $130 in the online auction, it was vastly more affordable for the startup than a brand-new, $20,000 fridge. Stephanie M. Lee in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 11/27/14

A Half-Million San Diegans Struggle To Put Food On Thanksgiving Table -- Picking up Thanksgiving ingredients from a food pantry is something Holly Ramos never imagined doing. Susan Murphy KPBS -- 11/27/14

Despite Bay Area Boom, a Widespread Need for Food Aid as Holidays Approach -- The leaders of two major Bay Area food banks say that the Bay Area’s economic boom may actually be playing a role in making it harder for some of the people they serve to put holiday meals on the table. Lisa Pickoff-White KQED -- 11/27/14

L.A. is third when it comes to people with lots and lots of money -- Los Angeles has 5,135 people who are swimming in money. In a new survey that charts the population of the ultra rich, San Francisco beat L.A. with 5,460 residents who have $30 million or more in net assets. Amy Hubbard in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 11/27/14

Lackluster consumer income and spending point to a slowing economy -- The economy just posted its best six-month stretch in 11 years, the labor market is on a record streak of job creation and gas prices are falling. But consumers — a key driver of U.S. economic growth — have not yet fully joined the party. Jim Puzzanghera in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 11/27/14

Twitter’s New Targeted Ads Will Peek at the Other Apps on Your Phone -- Twitter will soon identify the other apps on your phone in an effort to personalize your experience on its service—i.e. serve you targeted ads. Davey Alba WIRED -- 11/27/14

Airlines vie for elite L.A.-to-N.Y. fliers with new luxury amenities -- Los Angeles International Airport has become a battleground for airlines trying to draw well-heeled business executives and Hollywood celebrities flying coast to coast. Hugo Martin in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 11/27/14


Hot Showers a Blessing for Valley Town Suffering From Drought -- Drought conditions in parts of California are now so harsh that it has become normal to turn on the tap and have no water coming out. In the small San Joaquin Valley town of East Porterville, more than 600 household wells went dry this summer, leaving more than half the population without water. Ezra David Romero KQED -- 11/27/14

Immigration / Border

California lawmaker proposes office to aid immigrants seeking relief under Obama plan -- When the new Legislature is sworn in on Monday, Sen. Ricardo Lara says he plans to introduce legislation that would create an Office of New Americans to help undocumented immigrants by connecting them to legal services, English classes and help applying for relief under the executive actions announced last week by President Barack Obama. Laurel Rosenhall in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 11/27/14

Left out of immigation reform: Waits for family visas drag on -- Carlota Lasmarias' younger brother and sister have been waiting since the mid-1990s to come to the United States from the Philippines. Josie Huang KPCC -- 11/27/14

Immigrants in Orange County emerging from the shadows to learn new rules -- In the first week he felt it was possible, Ramiro Hernandez wasted no time in prepping to stay and continue working in the country he considers home. Roxana Kopetman in the Orange County Register$ -- 11/27/14


EPA Proposes New Rules to Curb Ozone -- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency unveiled new rules today to reduce emission levels for smog-causing ozone, which is linked to asthma and other health problems. Krishnadev Calamur KQED -- 11/27/14

EPA's proposed ozone limit faces political, cost hurdles -- The Obama administration's long-awaited announcement Wednesday that it wants to toughen limits on smog-forming ozone immediately generated questions about whether the plan can survive the current political climate and how much its cost will factor in reaching the goal. Neela Banerjee in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 11/27/14

Rare sighting of killer whales off Palos Verdes Peninsula -- A group of whale watchers got a rare glimpse Tuesday of a pod of killer whales hunting sea lions off the Palos Verdes Peninsula. Veronica Rocha in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 11/27/14

Earthquakes in states other than California more common than assumed -- When the ground started to shake in Helena, Mont., on Oct. 3, 1935, stunned residents called the local newspaper to ask what had happened. Javier Panzar in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 11/27/14


Many agents still waiting to be paid for Covered California enrollments -- California's health exchange is leaning on insurance agents to enroll thousands of people in Obamacare coverage. Trouble is, some agents haven't been paid for months. Chad Terhune in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 11/27/14

Also . . .

Darren Wilson: ‘I would love to teach people’ -- The Ferguson police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black teenager in August called his career in law enforcement “the job of my life” in an interview with ABC News, but said he would now like to instruct others, if given the opportunity. Sarah Larimer in the Washington Post$ -- 11/27/14

Prosecutors drop charges against man allegedly kicked unconscious by LAPD officers -- Los Angeles County prosecutors have dismissed the remaining charge against a man allegedly beaten unconscious by police during his arrest. Tami Abdollah Associated Press Jason Song in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 11/27/14

Plaschke: Journalism professor's lessons live on -- It was 37 years ago when we met, a frightened student and a rumpled teacher in an awkward moment that changed a life. Bill Plaschke in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 11/27/14

POTUS 44    

Conservatives to John Boehner: Don't Let Obama Give State of the Union Address -- A series of political commenters, led by the editor of the National Review, have a new idea for Speaker John Boehner: refuse to invite President Obama from the State of the Union address. Arit John Bloomberg Politics -- 11/27/14

Obama Comes Out Swinging -- Post-midterms Obama is ready to fight Congress on his legacy issues, including clean air. Julie Bykowicz and Margret Talev Bloomberg Politics -- 11/27/14


How immigration killed the tax deal -- How could a major tax deal brokered by the top Senate Democrat die so quickly at the hands of a Democratic president? Brian Faler, Rachael Bade Politico -- 11/27/14

House GOP could respond on immigration next week -- The House Republican leadership is tentatively reserving time on the floor next week to respond to President Barack Obama’s executive order on immigration, according to sources involved with planning. Jake Sherman Politico -- 11/27/14

Congress can block use of fees for immigration overhaul: memo -- Congress can block President Barack Obama from using federal immigration fees to issue permits for millions of undocumented immigrants to stay and work in the United States, according to a congressional research memo released on Wednesday. David Lawder Reuters -- 11/27/14