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California Policy & Politics This Morning   

Pete Wilson endorses Ted Cruz for president -- Former California Gov. Pete Wilson jumped into the presidential fray Saturday, announcing his endorsement of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in front of a packed house at the state Republican Party's spring convention. Phil Willon in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 4/30/16

Latino activists vow more Trump protests as tensions heighten -- Latino activists said they expect more large protests as Donald Trump moves his presidential campaign into California. Cindy Carcamo, Richard Winton and Ruben Vives in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 4/30/16

Republicans cold on measure to legalize pot in California -- An influential California Republican Party committee on Saturday voted to oppose a proposed statewide ballot measure, known as the Adult Use Act , which would allow those 21 and older to possess and use up to an ounce of pot. Phil Willon in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 4/30/16

CA Convention Is a Homecoming of Sorts for Carly Fiorina -- When Carly Fiorina speaks to the California Republican party convention at a hotel outside San Francisco airport Saturday night, it will be a homecoming of sorts for the newly-minted vice presidential candidate. Nicholas Riccardi and Michael R. Blood Associated Press -- 4/30/16

GOP race shifts California's political fault lines -- The Republican Party in California has been riven for decades between those who want to tack to the ideological center to expand its diminishing appeal and those who want it to enforce conservative purity. But the prospect of Donald Trump clinching the nomination in the Golden State has scrambled the party's political fault lines in advance of its pivotal June primary, forging unexpected alliances that blur those longstanding divisions. Nicholas Riccardi and Michael R. Blood Associated Press -- 4/30/16

Morian: Trump touts himself, not his party -- Donald Trump, himself larded with awful unfavorable ratings, did nothing to build up the diminished California Republican Party and much to undermine it during his first trip here as the GOP’s presidential front-runner. In a state where Republican leaders have tried to appeal to Latinos and immigrants, Trump touted his endorsement by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the Arizona lawman who regularly is accused of profiling Latinos. Dan Morain in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 4/30/16

Lopez: President Trump? Oh, he'll be great, just like his border wall -- We have a very beautiful state here. Absolutely beautiful. And people are always saying to me, whether they live in California or they're visiting from somewhere else in the country or the world, hey, this is fantastic. Steve Lopez in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 4/30/16

Malcolm: Can the Grand Old Party survive the 2016 election? -- The two major American political parties have survived almost two centuries, not because of enduring platforms, policies and values, but because everything about them, except the names, has changed with the times. Not always for the better. Enter 2016. Andrew Malcolm in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 4/30/16

The government wants your fingerprint to unlock your phone. Should that be allowed? -- As the world watched the FBI spar with Apple this winter in an attempt to hack into a San Bernardino shooter's iPhone, federal officials were quietly waging a different encryption battle in a Los Angeles courtroom. Matt Hamilton and Richard Winton in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 4/30/16

Airbnb spends $230,000 on San Francisco candidates and propositions on June 7 ballot -- Airbnb contributed $230,000 to candidates and measures on the June 7 ballot in the days leading up to and just after legislation was introduced at the Board of Supervisors that could expose the short-term rental company to millions of dollars in fines and potential misdemeanor charges. Emily Green in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 4/30/16

On his Santa Monica mountaintop, a billionaire envisions lofty thoughts on politics and culture -- Five years ago, Berggruen, 54 and one of the richest men in the world, stepped away from the businesses that created his fortune. He had grown bored with his wealth and set a new challenge for himself: to create a destination where global politics and culture can meet. Tom Curwen in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 4/30/16

L.A. Japanese-American newspaper must get 10,000 subscribers by year's end -- or close its door -- But if the money-losing paper doesn't raise about $500,000 in revenue — by more than doubling its subscribers — it could close in December, marking the end of one of the last English-Japanese dailies in the U.S., and the oldest. Samantha Masunaga in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 4/30/16

Silicon Valley's most secretive startup is scooping up Palo Alto offices -- While tech giants such as Apple and Uber make a public show of opening new Bay Area headquarters, Palantir Technologies -- a software company known for mining confidential data for the National Security Agency, FBI and CIA -- is leasing building after building with little fanfare. Marisa Kendall in the San Jose Mercury$ -- 4/30/16

More freeways or mass transit for region? -- SANDAG half-cent tax measure generates clash over future of transportation in the county. Joshua Emerson Smith in the San Diego Union-Tribune$ -- 4/30/16

Think SeaWorld's turnaround satisfied animal-rights activists? Think again -- Animal rights groups have instead continued to press for even bigger changes at the company's parks, including the release of SeaWorld's 29 orcas to seaside sanctuaries and the end of breeding programs for all other captive animals. Hugo Martin in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 4/30/16


A call for GOP unity delivered Trump-style — with insults -- After struggling to make it through a crowd protesting his lunchtime speech to the California Republican Party convention at the Burlingame Hyatt on Friday, Donald Trump sounded a note rarely heard from his presidential campaign: unity. Joe Garofoli and John Wildermuth in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 4/30/16

Trump Belittles Rivals, Then Calls for Unity -- Trump’s familiar combination of humor, putdowns, disparagement and ridicule were on full display, if a little more muted, and no one was spared. In a room at the airport hotel with many supporters of Ted Cruz and John Kasich, Trump was unsparing. Scott Shafer KQED -- 4/30/16

Amid raging protests in Bay Area, Trump calls on California Republicans to unite behind him -- Donald Trump, undeterred by protesters who nearly blocked his way into a Republican convention, called on the party Friday to unite behind him even as he lashed out once again at what he portrayed as its corrupt system for picking presidential nominees. Michael Finnegan, Javier Panzar and Seema Mehta in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 4/30/16

Donald Trump mocks opponents, calls for ‘party unity’ in GOP speech -- Donald Trump, rallying supporters amid a second consecutive day of protests, called on Friday for the Republican Party to unite around his candidacy, even as he chastised the party’s nominating process and mocked his rivals. David Siders and Christopher Cadelago in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 4/30/16

Donald Trump's bizarre California GOP convention entrance was like 'crossing the border' -- After making a bizarre entrance to the California Republican convention, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump hit some familiar notes in a speech to delegates, touting himself as the only candidate who could beat Hillary Clinton, the likely Democratic nominee, in November. Aaron Kinney, Bruce Newman and Lindzi Wessel in the San Jose Mercury$ -- 4/30/16

Trump takes off gloves in aggressive state GOP convention speech -- Sans teleprompter, Trump on Friday delivered a rambling, 26-minute lunch address to delegates at the California Republican Party convention here in which he careened from one subject to another in rapid succession – and sometimes back again – and spared no one, not even his fellow Republicans. John Ellis in the Fresno Bee -- 4/30/16

How the Secret Service snuck Trump into the convention -- The United States Secret Service had a problem Friday. Protesters had surrounded the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport, the hotel hosting the California Republican Party convention, and there was no way for Donald Trump to get in. Ben Adler Capital Public Radio -- 4/30/16

Decker: Trump's visit shines spotlight on California Republican Party's immigration dilemma -- Donald Trump's emphasis on illegal immigration has propelled his presidential campaign to the threshold of winning the Republican nomination, but it risks huge collateral damage to a California state party that has worked to distance itself from the immigration wars of two decades ago. Cathleen Decker in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 4/30/16

Trump spurs a fresh wave of Latino activism -- As Donald Trump's presidential campaign moves into California, he's being met by a revitalized, youthful Latino-rights movement playing from a different rule book than its predecessors. Cindy Carcamo, Ruben Vives and Corina Knoll in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 4/30/16

John Kasich says he could ‘expand the field’ in California -- Not even Donald Trump, the Republican presidential frontrunner, included California in a list of Democratic-leaning states that he boasted Friday he could carry in a general election. But John Kasich, who is running a distant third? David Siders in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 4/30/16

It's a steep climb,' says Kasich of his path to GOP presidential nomination -- Ohio Gov. John Kasich presented himself Friday as the sole candidate in the GOP presidential race with an optimistic vision for how to fix the nation, drawing a sharp contrast with GOP front-runner Donald Trump. Seema Mehta in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 4/30/16

Kasich's California chairman returns to GOP spotlight for first time since 2006 -- The man who introduced Ohio Gov. John Kasich at Friday night's GOP convention dinner made it feel like it was 2006 all over again. "Folks, this man can win in November,” said Steve Poizner as he wandered the stage with a hand-held microphone. "This man must win in November." John Myers in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 4/30/16

Tim Donnelly says Gavin Newsom’s gun bid ‘disaster’ for Democrats -- Hours after Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom began submitting signatures to place on the fall ballot his gun-control measure, former Republican Assemblyman Tim Donnelly savaged the effort as a “disaster,” and predicted it would cause a surge of GOP voters in November. Christopher Cadelago in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 4/30/16

Jerry Brown gives counties $16.3 million more for election costs -- Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Friday that directs $16.29 million to counties to help pay for expected high turnout in the June 7 presidential primary and to process a coming deluge of petitions from groups seeking to qualify November ballot measures, including one championed by the Democratic governor. Jim Miller in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 4/30/16

In reversal, staff of Coastal Commission recommends approval of Newport Beach hotel and housing project -- In a reversal of its previous position, the staff of the California Coastal Commission is recommending approval of a hotel and housing complex on the last big block of private land on the Southland coast. Bettina Boxall in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 4/30/16

Deadline Passes In Probe Of Secret San Onofre Deal -- While California Attorney General Kamala Harris gathers steam in her campaign to replace U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer, the statute of limitations has run out for her to file charges for a secret meeting in Poland that spawned a San Onofre settlement. Amita Sharma KPBS -- 4/30/16

Ex-Schwarzenegger communications aide Julie Soderlund dies at 38 -- Julie Soderlund, a communications specialist who worked for former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carly Fiorina and other Republican causes ​in a career spent largely in Sacramento, died Thursday evening after a nine-month battle with melanoma. She was 38. Dan Smith and Alexi Koseff in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 4/30/16

California state spokesman and ex-journalist Jim Zamora dies at 57 -- As a reporter, he covered some of the biggest stories for California’s largest newspapers. As a labor spokesman, he represented California’s largest state-employee union. As a public official, he hoped to improve the nation’s largest state civil-service system – even if just a little. Jon Ortiz in the Sacramento Bee$ Steve Rubenstein in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 4/30/16

2 private investigators can be tried on conspiracy and false imprisonment charges, judge rules -- Two private investigators can be tried on charges of false imprisonment and conspiracy in connection with a fake DUI report against a Costa Mesa city councilman in 2012, an Orange County judge ruled Friday. Luke Money in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 4/30/16

Santa Clara charity has a narrow escape from ransomware -- Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County was one click away from danger — a threat that has been costing businesses hundreds of millions of dollars. Sean Sposito in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 4/30/16

Taxes, Fees, Rates, Tolls     

San Diego Transportation sales tax hike to go on ballot -- A regional panel of governments voted Friday to draft a ballot measure for a sales tax increase that would pay for road improvements, new trolley lines, and open space projects throughout the county. Joshua Stewart in the San Diego Union-Tribune$ -- 4/30/16

Economy, Employers, Jobs, Unions, Pensions      

Janitors rally in downtown LA as strike looms -- Hundreds of janitors and their supporters rallied in the streets of downtown Los Angeles on Friday demanding a new labor contract that pays higher wages and provides protections against sexual harassment. Sarah Favot in the Los Angeles Daily News$ -- 4/30/16

Yahoo's Marissa Mayer could get $55 million in severance pay -- Yahoo Inc. chief Marissa Mayer will walk away with a $55-million severance package if the company's auction of its Internet operations culminates in a sale that ousts her from her job. Michael Liedtke Associated Press -- 4/30/16


Drink up! Mesa Water District relaxes outdoor watering rules starting Sunday -- Mesa Water District customers will be allowed to water their yards up to three days a week starting Sunday, according to district officials. Luke Money in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 4/30/16


Three-day drama led to UC Davis chancellor’s suspension -- Sources: Linda Katehi told Monday by UC president to resign after a series of controversies Katehi balked, hired a lawyer and scheduled Thursday meeting with UC officials. Diana Lambert and Sam Stanton in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 4/30/16

Immigration / Border 

Border officials find 7 tons of marijuana in commercial truck -- Customs and Border Protection officers found 7 tons of marijuana inside a commercial truck transporting furniture through the Otay Mesa border entry, authorities said Friday. David Hernandez in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 4/30/16


Exide communities seek wider lead testing, state says no -- Residents from neighborhoods affected by lead contamination from the old Exide battery recycling plant asked state officials to greatly expand the soil testing area around the plant – to a radius of 4.5 miles – during a community meeting Thursday night in Commerce. But the head of the agency overseeing the cleanup said there is no money for such an expansion of the project. Elizabeth Aguilera KPCC -- 4/30/16

Also . . . 

Will Ferrell backs out of Ronald Reagan Alzheimer’s comedy after family outcry -- Just days after announcing he planned to produce and star in a comedy about former President Ronald Reagan’s struggle with Alzheimer’s disease, Will Ferrell has now bailed on the project. Anita Bennett in the Los Angeles Daily News$ -- 4/30/16


Schreckinger: Inside Trump’s Press Pen -- I was strolling with my parents through the National Postal Museum in Washington last October—a rare day off the Donald Trump trapeze—when I peered at Twitter and saw that I, like so many other reporters before and since, had suddenly drawn Trump’s ire. Ben Schreckinger Politico -- 4/30/16