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California Policy & Politics This Morning   

Oakland mother of slain U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens tells Donald Trump to stop using her son's name -- Mary F. Commanday, of Oakland, wrote a letter published by The New York Times on Friday pleading with the Republican presidential nominee to refrain from using her son's name during his campaign. Commanday said she was motivated to write the letter to the editor because she didn't want to hear her son's name and reputation connected with Trump's campaign. Katrina Cameron in the East Bay Times -- 7/24/16

Gavin Newsom lifts latest attack on Trump, fails to credit author -- Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, keeping up his criticism of Donald Trump late Friday, posted on Twitter and Facebook a Trump-inspired paraphrase of Martin Niemoller’s famous “first they came” statement about Nazism. One thing was missing: Mention that a retired Air Force colonel, not Newsom, wrote the Trump-inspired take. David Siders in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 7/24/16

Democratic Convention: 13 Orange County delegates are Sanders' while 9 back Clinton -- Bernie Sanders has moved into a support position behind Hillary Clinton, but his legions of backers will be unavoidable at the Democratic National Convention that begins Tuesday. Martin Wisckol in the Orange County Register -- 7/24/16

Trump’s trip to San Diego cost taxpayers $460K -- Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s rally and the related protests in San Diego cost local governments over $460,000, more than all other political rallies in the county combined. Joshua Stewart in the San Diego Union-Tribune$ -- 7/24/16

California state parks navigating uncertain future -- It was Mother’s Day, and as she has so many times in the past, Maria Dominguez had brought her family to the Sonoma Coast, where her problems always seem smaller when cast against the vastness of the ocean. Derek Moore in the Santa Rosa Press -- 7/24/16

For Bay Area officers, these are tense times -- The call came in at 12:19 p.m.: Man with a rifle, roaming loose in a park near the Berkeley Marina. It’s the kind of call police officers always hate to get. But coming Tuesday, just two days after a similar report lured three cops to their deaths in Louisiana, it carried new dread. Kevin Fagan in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 7/24/16

Man's body found in area burned by Sand fire in Santa Clarita area -- Sheriff's homicide detectives were investigating the death of a man whose body was found in the area burned by the Sand fire in Santa Clarita Saturday night. Abby Sewell in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 7/24/16

San Diego County program for nonviolent felons may be helping to keep people from returning to jail -- People serving sentences for nonviolent felonies in San Diego County custody recommit crimes less frequently than those who serve in state prison for similar crimes, according to new data from the San Diego County probation department. Kate Morrissey in the San Diego Union-Tribune$ -- 7/24/16

Walters: Politicians ignore long-term effects as they seek instant payoff -- One day last week, Daniel Borenstein, a columnist for newspapers in the Bay Area News Group, published a critical analysis of the California Public Employees’ Retirement System’s long-term finances. Dan Walters in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 7/24/16

Yosemite in settlement talks to win back historic park names -- The National Park Service is stepping up its effort to restore the historic names that fell victim to a trademark dispute at Yosemite, including the monikers of the famed Ahwahnee Hotel and Curry Village, by entering into mediation with the company that wants millions of dollars to surrender the titles. Kurtis Alexander in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 7/24/16

Taxes, Fees, Rates, Tolls     

Developers battle increased fees aimed at alleviating overcrowded schools -- As the real estate markets for Fremont and Dublin soar with new home sales, the schools that house all those new students are bursting at the seams and looking to developers for help building classrooms. Joyce Tsai in the East Bay Times -- 7/24/16

Economy, Employers, Jobs, Unions, Pensions      

Desert Trip to nearly double the economic impact in Coachella Valley -- The annual Coachella music blowout in Indio has become big business for the Palm Springs area, growing even bigger with the addition of the Stagecoach country music weekend in 2007. Hugo Martin in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 7/24/16

In Oakland, a Job Where Being a Former Inmate Gets You in the Door -- Jobs have all different kinds of requirements these days. For example: “must have five years’ experience,” or “must be fluent in Mandarin.” Clean 360, an artisan soap manufacturer in Oakland, requires all of its employees to be formerly incarcerated. Matt Beagle KQED -- 7/24/16

Also . . . 

Driverless shuttles coming to East Bay to be tested -- In a matter of weeks, the future of driverless mass transit in California will make its debut with the arrival of two shuttles that will undergo testing in Concord and later transport workers at Bishop Ranch business park in San Ramon. Patricia Torres in the East Bay Times -- 7/24/16

Fire chief’s son turns heart problem into fundraising video drive -- Walking out of the doctor’s office after learning that he would need heart surgery for the fourth time, 16-year-old Sean White noticed that his mother was taking the news harder than he was. He put his arm around her and said, “Mom, we got this.” Sam Whiting in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 7/24/16

Reporter’s Detention Fuels Debate Over Cellphone Searches -- Privacy advocates say incident involving Wall Street Journal reporter highlights need for courts to reconsider rules on searching electronic devices. Joe Palazzolo and Kate O'Keeffe in the Wall Street Journal -- 7/24/16


A locked office, getaway car and secret flight: The final steps in Clinton's VP pick -- It was early evening Friday, when four of Hillary Clinton’s top aides, including campaign chairman John Podesta, snuck out of her campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, using a freight elevator to avoid being seen. Michael A. Memoli in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 7/24/16

Kaine brings down the house in Miami -- Those close to Hillary Clinton insist she chose Tim Kaine as her running mate because she knows she can work with him, because he’s safe and solid, because he was the obvious choice. It doesn’t hurt that he also offers her a prime opportunity to contrast with Donald Trump — over and over and over. Gabriel Debenedetti and Burgess Everett Politico -- 7/24/16

Energized white supremacists cheer Trump convention message -- They don't like to be called white supremacists. The well-dressed men who gathered in Cleveland's Ritz-Carlton bar after Donald Trump's speech accepting the Republican nomination for president prefer the term "Europeanists," "alt-right," or even "white nationalists." They are also die-hard Trump supporters. Steve Peoples Associated Press -- 7/24/16

Democrats vote to bind most superdelegates to state primary results -- After a lengthy debate and a deal between supporters of Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Party's rules committee voted to created a "unity commission" that would dramatically limit the role of convention "superdelegates," binding roughly two-thirds of them to the results of state primaries and caucuses. David Weigel in the Washington Post$ -- 7/24/16

Clinton has advantage at Democratic convention -- Democrats meeting in Philadelphia on Monday don’t have to worry about setting themselves apart from last week’s doom-and-gloom fest at the Republican National Convention. John Wildermuth in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 7/24/16


-- Saturday Updates 

A series of seemingly random, violent crimes in L.A. leaves a trail of chaos, pain -- Bheri Werntz and his family were sleeping when the silver Volkswagen Jetta slid into their Burbank driveway, its electronic dance music pulsating so loudly in the early morning that it woke them up. Kate Mather and James Queally in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 7/23/16

Judge questions private talks between coastal commissioners and developer's consultants -- An Orange County judge who is deciding whether to halt a controversial Laguna Beach housing project has raised questions about private communications that the developer’s representatives held with members of the California Coastal Commission, according to court records reviewed by the Los Angeles Times. Dan Weikel in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 7/23/16

Champagne, tacos and time off: How Dollar Shave Club employees are celebrating $1-billion sale -- Alex Janckila, a software engineer at Dollar Shave Club, was sporting something a bit unusual for an employee of a razor company: a five o’clock shadow. Shan Li in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 7/23/16

Evacuation ordered as fire consumes almost 2,000 acres in northern Big Sur area and threatens homes -- Evacuations were ordered Saturday as a fast-moving brush fire threatened about 1,000 homes in the northern Big Sur area of Monterey County, state officials reported. Dan Weikel in the Los Angeles Times$ Hamed Aleaziz in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 7/23/16

Brush fire burns more than 5,500 acres near Santa Clarita as ash and smoke fill skies -- A wildfire in the Santa Clarita Valley area has burned more than 5,500 acres, prompting mandatory evacuations in some areas and covering much of the Los Angeles basin with smoke and ash. Thomas Curwen and Carlos Lozano in the Los Angeles Times$ Dana Bartholomew in the Los Angeles Daily News$ -- 7/23/16

No food or drinks on long-haul international flights? No problem -- Norwegian Air, the low-cost carrier that recently got the green light to fly from a base in Ireland to the U.S., offers nonrefundable tickets, starting at $210, for 11-hour flights from Los Angeles to Stockholm. Fliers in these seats must pay extra for meals, snack, drinks and to check bags. Other carriers like Icelandair, Jetstar and Scoot also sell ultra-cheap fares for long-haul flights. Hugo Martin in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 7/23/16

Clinton formally introduces VP pick Kaine at rally -- Hillary Clinton rolled out Tim Kaine as her running mate at a campaign rally in Florida on Saturday -- and the Virginia senator went on to give a smooth, upbeat performance that energized supporters and wowed a press corps primed to expect someone a little more boring. Nolan D. McCaskill Politico -- 7/23/16