California Policy and Politics This Morning

USC Schwarzenegger Institute kickoff will fuse Hollywood, politics -- Class is in for professor Schwarzenegger, and he has a lesson for anyone willing to listen: Politicians have a lot to learn from Hollywood. Anthony York LA Times PolitiCal$ -- 9/17/12

How Tweet it is? Sink-or-swim time for FPPC blogging proposal -- Democratic political strategist Steve Maviglio and Republican blogger and state party official Jon Fleischman agree on political matters about as often as most Californians skinny dip with piranhas. Jim Sanders SacBee Capitol Alert$ -- 9/17/12

New York's soda limits could boost similar efforts in California -- California health advocates hope their state will see some movement on limiting sugar-laced soda following action last week to cap serving sizes for sugary drinks in New York City. Patrick McGreevy in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 9/17/12

Occupy protestors demonstrate outside Monsanto plant in Davis -- About 50 protestors, on the one-year anniversary of the beginning of the "Occupy" movement, were in front of a Monsanto plant in Davis this morning, saying they want to shut down the local office of the multinational biotechnology company. Bill Lindelof in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 9/17/12

California DNA collection from arrestees challenged -- An Alabama man was charged this month with the 1980 murder of an Oxnard teen. A Placerville man was arrested last month for a 1986 rape and murder of a San Mateo teen. A San Francisco man is currently on trial for the murder and robbery of a tourist two decades ago. PAUL ELIAS Associated Press -- 9/17/12

Infant testing law cheered by parents, doctors -- Gov. Jerry Brown has signed legislation requiring hospitals to screen newborns for rare heart disease before being sent home, delivering an early birthday present for a Vista toddler and his parents. Michael Gardner UT San Diego -- 9/17/12

Six candidates file papers for Doug LaMalfa state Senate seat -- Republican lawmakers Jim Nielsen and Dan Logue jumped out quickly this month to announce that they will seek Doug LaMalfa's recently vacated Senate seat, but four other competitors have now filed to run. Jim Sanders SacBee Capitol Alert$ -- 9/17/12

John Burris powers Oakland police reforms -- After Torry Smith, an East Oakland parolee, was booked into jail for carrying an assault rifle, he called one man: attorney John Burris. Justin Berton in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 9/17/12

Fox: Facebook May be Down But Apple and Amazon Could Boost California -- The high tech/Internet savior for the depleted California budget that wasn’t Facebook – at least not yet. Joel Fox Fox & Hounds -- 9/17/12

Marriage Cases Head To The Supreme Court -- The validity of two laws — one banning federal recognition of same-sex couples' marriages and the other banning them from happening in California — hangs in the balance. The cases could forever alter the legal fight for gay couples' rights. Chris Geidner BuzzFeed -- 9/17/12

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Secret Video: Romney Tells Millionaire Donors What He REALLY Thinks of Obama Voters -- When he doesn't know a camera's rolling, the GOP candidate shows his disdain for half of America. David Corn Mother Jones -- 9/17/12

Today, Mitt Romney Lost the Election -- You can mark my prediction now: A secret recording from a closed-door Mitt Romney fundraiser, released today by David Corn at Mother Jones, has killed Mitt Romney's campaign for president. Josh Barro Bloomberg -- 9/17/12

Romney campaign says it plans to get more specific -- After a series of unflattering stories about Mitt Romney’s recent slide in the polls in key swing states and reports of internal dysfunction within his campaign, Romney Senior Advisor Ed Gillespie said Monday that the Republican nominee will renew his focus this week on the details of his plans to jumpstart the economy and lower the national debt. Maeve Reston in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 9/17/12

Beleaguered Romney Camp Looks to Reinforce, Not Reboot -- Amid a damaging account of internal disarray and conflict, and calls by conservatives and others for a more detailed campaign platform, aides indicated on Monday that Republican nominee Mitt Romney will continue to focus on the economy and highlight his five-point plan to create 12 million new jobs. Sarah Huisenga National Journal -- 9/17/12

Romney to pledge to fix troubled U.S. immigration system -- Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will pledge to Hispanics on Monday that if elected he will fix the troubled U.S. immigration system in an appeal to a rising voter bloc that overwhelmingly favors Democratic President Barack Obama. Steve Holland Reuters -- 9/17/12

Obama to tell WTO that China illegally subsidizes auto exports -- The Obama administration is set to launch a new enforcement action with the World Trade Organization against China on Monday, alleging that the Asian economic giant is putting U.S. manufacturers at a competitive disadvantage by illegally subsidizing exports of autos and auto parts. Michael A. Memoli in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 9/17/12

Obama Campaign's Ad Strategy Goes Against Political Grain -- For President Obama’s campaign, the best offense is a good defense. On Saturday, the incumbent's team launched an ad that takes on the question once flubbed on TV by three allies in one day: the question of whether Americans are better off now than they were four years ago. It's running in seven battleground states. Alex Roarty National Journal -- 9/17/12

Will Ad Fatigue Mute GOP's Late Barrage? -- Republicans' expected financial advantage in the presidential campaign's final weeks may not pay the dividends they had once hoped for. Scott Conroy RCP -- 9/17/12

Barack Obama: “I've actually done my own taxes. I don't know about some of these other folks” -- The president hit “some of these other folks,” in his speech today saying he's done his own taxes. A reason the President gave for why he wants to simply the tax code The President's tax returns back until 2002, however, show they were done by a preparer. Andrew Kaczynski BuzzFeed -- 9/17/12

What Sequestration Would Do to the Country's Science Budgets -- In a new report, the Obama Administration details what will happen if Congress can't find a budget compromise before January 2013. Megan Garber The Atlantic -- 9/17/12

Time for the GOP to Get Serious About Climate Change, the New National Security Issue -- The GOP is ceding important ground by tolerating and encouraging denialism on this critical topic. Daveed Gartenstein-Ross The Atlantic -- 9/17/12


   California Policy and Politics This Morning

Millions in union political money at stake in Proposition 32 fight -- Labor unions argue that a campaign-finance measure on California's November ballot would unfairly hobble their political pull, but behind that lies a tacit admission: If given an easy choice, many of their members would keep the dues money that helps power union clout. Jon Ortiz in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 9/17/12

Gov. Brown: Tax bid will be final try -- Win or lose, Gov. Jerry Brown says his ballot bid to raise the state sales tax for everyone and wealthy people's income taxes will be the last time he pitches such a plan to the voters. Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 9/17/12

Skelton: Jerry Brown's legacy rides on outcome of tax hike initiative -- If the governor's tax hike plan wins at the polls, he's golden. If it fails, he'll have to preside over some budget-balancing alternatives that will anger the public. George Skelton in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 9/17/12

Walters: Bankruptcy ruling could alter California pension law -- The public pension reform legislation that the Legislature and Gov. Jerry Brown adopted very carefully avoided any changes of current pensioners' benefits and those of future recipients now on state and local payrolls. Dan Walters in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 9/17/12

Pension reform: CalSTRS gets hope, CSU low rate -- What CalSTRS regards as its “most significant reform issue” was not in the pension reform bill signed by Gov. Brown last week. But a long-sought first step toward closing a huge gap in the teachers’ pension fund is in a companion measure. Ed Mendel -- 9/17/12

Reality check: Anti-Proposition 30 twists the facts -- Gov. Jerry Brown's measure would increase the state sales tax by a quarter cent for four years and raise personal income taxes on Californians who earn more than $250,000, or joint filers who make over $500,000. The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, which opposes the measure, is running a 30-second radio ad in major media markets. Mike Rosenberg in the San Jose Mercury -- 9/17/12

CalBuzz: Brown Bids to Reverse Engineer His Own Legacy -- In collaboration with California magazine, Calbuzz today is co-publishing a colossal thumb sucker, an epic doorstop, an explanatory analysis limning the 2012 battle over tax increases as a reflection of Jerry Brown’s then-and-now record as governor. Jerry Roberts and Phil Trounstine CalBuzz -- 9/17/12

Burris a donor to Oakland city attorney -- Oakland City Attorney Barbara Parker, whose job is to defend the city in lawsuits, solicited and received $1,400 in political contributions for her November election campaign from prominent civil rights attorney and Oakland police adversary John Burris and his wife. Matier & Ross in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 9/17/12

Rich and famous in Silicon Valley, Hollywood backing campaign to abolish California's death penalty -- Proposition 34, a ballot measure that would abolish the death penalty in California, faces long odds at the polls. But it has a major advantage over the opposing campaign -- wealthy donors, from Silicon Valley executives to Hollywood actors, willing to write fat checks. Howard Mintz in the San Jose Mercury -- 9/17/12

Death penalty ban seeks to answer doubts -- It's the nightmare of capital punishment, for supporters and opponents alike - an innocent person condemned to death and executed. Bob Egelko in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 9/17/12

L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca faces toughest test of his career -- Baca's leadership is being questioned, and he's under pressure to revamp senior management. 'The sheriff should be sweating an awful lot of bullets,' Supervisor Gloria Molina says. Jack Leonard and Robert Faturechi in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 9/17/12

San Francisco weighing green alternative to PG&E -- After eight years, San Francisco is on the threshold of taking a major step into the public power realm. John Coté in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 9/17/12

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Doomed Comeback -- He's fishing for a career revival with a juicy autobiography, but it may be too late to salvage his name. Laurence Leamer Daily Beast -- 9/17/12


Finding a fix for foreclosure mess -- A San Francisco investment firm is poised to take on Wall Street and the mortgage industry with an unprecedented proposal to have local government use eminent domain to acquire underwater mortgages. Joe Nelson and Andrew Edwards in the Los Angeles Daily News -- 9/17/12

Trammell Crow to build 'clean-tech' complex in downtown L.A. -- A downtown Los Angeles site where Crown Coach school buses were once manufactured has been acquired for $15.4 million by high-profile developer Trammell Crow Co., which plans to build an industrial park. Roger Vincent in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 9/17/12


'Deferred action' program puts strain on L.A. Unified -- School district is being inundated with requests for documents by thousands of illegal immigrants seeking to apply for Obama's 'deferred action' program. Howard Blume in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 9/17/12

Students write essays to see Proposition 8 play in Woodland Hills -- About 250 students write essays describing their views on gay marriage as admission to the Prop. 8 play '8' performed by a high school cast in Woodland Hills. Howard Blume in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 9/17/12

“Wake up!” says retiring Community College Chancellor -- California Community Colleges Chancellor Jack Scott stepped down Saturday, after leading the nation’s largest higher education system through its stormiest time. Kathryn Baron EdSource -- 9/17/12

Inland Empire programs seek to get kids into college -- They may not have gone to college before, but many Inland Empire families are eager for the chance, in the experience of local educators. When Cucamonga Middle School rolled out their Advancement Via Individual Determination program last year, only enough students for two classes signed up. This year, they have 12 classes. Beau Yarbrough in the Inland Daily Bulletin -- 9/17/12

CSU trustees to vote on 5% tuition hike in January if tax measure fails -- The Cal State University Board of Trustees this week will consider yet another hike in student tuition and other budget solutions in anticipation of a $250 million loss in state funding. Kelley Puente in the Inland Daily Bulletin -- 9/17/12

   Health Care

Judge dismisses Prime Healthcare antitrust conspiracy lawsuit -- A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by hospital chain Prime Healthcare Services that alleged Kaiser Permanente conspired with a health care workers union to drive Prime out of business. Christina Jewett California Watch -- 9/17/12

Researchers pinpoint antibody critical to fighting flu -- Sifting through thousands of proteins, researchers have identified an antibody that not only prevents the influenza virus from taking hold of its victims' cells, but also cures already infected animals. Susanne Rust California Watch -- 9/17/12

Community clinics switching to electronic health records -- Community clinics are turning technologically savvy. Spurred on by federal funds, they are adopting electronic health records at rates exceeded only by HMOs. Callie Shanafelt -- 9/17/12


L.A.’s Transit Revolution -- How a ballot initiative, a visionary mayor, and a quest for growth are turning Los Angeles into America’s next great mass-transit city. Matthew Yglesias Slate -- 9/17/12

California salmon fishermen see improved, though not stellar, 2012 season -- t didn't live up to eye-popping preseason forecasts, but the 2012 salmon season represented a marked improvement for embattled California fishermen. Aaron Kinney in the Contra Costa Times -- 9/17/12


Latino food chain's participation in E-Verify leaves a bad taste -- California's Mi Pueblo chain, catering to Latinos, was founded by an illegal immigrant. So the company's announcement that it will participate in a worker immigration-status program has spurred anger. Lee Romney and Cindy Chang in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 9/17/12

The New Frontier -- The Pacific Ocean is the latest frontier in human smuggling, shifting the battle over illegal immigration to California's coast. CINDY CARCAMO in the Orange County Register -- 9/17/12


Muni issues accurate on-time report -- For the first time in more than a decade, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency released a report on the on-time arrival rate of its buses and trains without inflating the numbers. ZUSHA ELINSON Bay Citizen -- 9/17/12

Reporting live from the front lines of protest is his stream job -- CrossXBones, as Sky Adams is known online, uses a headset and a smartphone as he provides an on-the-ground perspective at protests around the country. He says he's a journalist, not an activist. Rick Rojas in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 9/17/12

   Chicago v Boston

Inside the campaign: How Mitt Romney stumbled -- Stuart Stevens, Mitt Romney’s top strategist, knew his candidate’s convention speech needed a memorable mix of loft and grace if he was going to bound out of Tampa with an authentic chance to win the presidency. MIKE ALLEN and JIM VANDEHEI Politico -- 9/17/12

Romney Aide: Stuart Stevens Is Safe -- “No truth” to rumors that he'll be ousted after Politico story. McKay Coppins BuzzFeed -- 9/17/12

Romney's New Strategy Turns Right -- Mitt Romney's campaign has concluded that the 2012 election will not be decided by elusive, much-targeted undecided voters — but by the motivated partisans of the Republican base. McKay Coppins BuzzFeed -- 9/17/12

Romney Camp Decides: The Economy Isn't Enough -- “It’s not enough just to criticize,” says Ryan. Agrees an aide: “We have to bring more to the table.” Zeke Miller BuzzFeed -- 9/17/12

Romney's health reforms will be tricky -- It's long been a go-to applause line for GOP nominee Mitt Romney in front of friendly campaign audiences. "I will repeal Obamacare," Romney promises as the audience roars, "on day one" of his presidency. Joe Garofoli in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 9/17/12

With 50 days until the election, Obama holds edge over Romney -- Obama is ahead of Romney by a narrow margin in most national polls, and has a slightly wider lead in most swing states, giving Romney almost no room for error. Cameron Joseph The Hill -- 9/17/12

AP sources: Obama launching China trade case -- President Barack Obama will launch a new trade enforcement case against China Monday, using the power of incumbency to counter Republican Mitt Romney's criticism that he is ceding American jobs to the Asian power. JULIE PACE Associated Press -- 9/17/12

African-American Christians waver over vote -- Some black clergy see no good presidential choice between a Mormon candidate and one who supports gay marriage, so they are telling their flocks to stay home on Election Day. RACHEL ZOLL Associated Press -- 9/17/12

Conflicting Accounts: Was Attack in Libya Coordinated or Spontaneous? -- As the FBI and the U.S. intelligence community investigate the attack in Libya that killed four American diplomats, debate rages over whether it was a planned attack or spontaneous violence. Matt Vasilogambros National Journal -- 9/17/12

Spinning Terror, Again -- The Obama administration continued to claim Sunday that the attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, were not planned or coordinated but spontaneous responses to news of an anti-Islam video that happened to take place on the eleventh anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. STEPHEN F. HAYES Weekly Standard -- 9/17/12

An Evil Errand, and a Dereliction of Duty -- Let’s leave aside how shameful it is to argue that the anti-American violence which has swept much of the Muslim world was not targeted at America generally. Mario Loyola NRO -- 9/17/12

Romney Seeks to Blunt Obama Edge With Swing-State Latinos -- With 50 days left before election day, Republican candidate Mitt Romney will attempt to reset his campaign this week by trying to cut into the support President Barack Obama has among Hispanic voters and maintaining financial parity with the incumbent by holding fundraisers from California to Florida. John McCormick Bloomberg -- 9/17/12

Wall Street Walks as Defense, Tech Back Obama’s Campaign -- Health care, telecommunications and defense industry workers are fueling President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, even as Wall Street walks away from his candidacy. Jonathan D. Salant Bloomberg -- 9/17/12

What happened to Occupy? -- A year after Zuccotti Park, participants discuss what it means. NATASHA LENNARD Salon -- 9/17/12

It's Never Too Early to Start Campaigning for 2016 -- Fried steak in hand, Maryland governor Martin O'Malley turned some heads in Iowa on Sunday in what many are calling the first stop on his 2016 presidential campaign. ADAM CLARK ESTES The Atlantic -- 9/17/12

Tax Cuts Don't Lead to Economic Growth, a New 65-Year Study Finds -- Here's a brief economic history of the last quarter-century in taxes and growth. Derek Thompson The Atlantic -- 9/17/12

Romney returns to Orange County to raise cash today -- Orange County's Republican money tree continues its allure, with Mitt Romney today returning for his fourth fundraiser since March. It's being billed as his last California event before the election, as he'll likely be sticking within swing state lines after leaving. MARTIN WISCKOL in the Orange County Register -- 9/17/12

McManus: Romney vs. Obama on foreign policy -- Voters must choose between a president who wants a cautious policy of alliance building and one who rejects that risk-averse approach for a bolder U.S. role. Doyle McManus in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 9/17/12