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L.A. budget chief says city cannot pay raises promised to 20,000 -- L.A.’s top budget official warned Tuesday that the city can no longer afford to pay raises that are due to roughly 20,000 of its workers July 1, according to correspondence obtained by The Times. David Zahniser in the Los Angeles Times -- 3/6/12

L.A. mayor candidate Perry claims corruption in redistricting fight -- Los Angeles mayoral candidate Jan Perry on Tuesday sent out a sharply worded campaign email laced with accusations of corruption. But she wasn’t attacking City Councilman Eric Garcetti, City Controller Wendy Greuel or any of her other opponents in next year’s race. Kate Linthicum in the Los Angeles Times -- 3/6/12

Analyst says Brown's unemployment insurance plan falls short -- The Legislature's budget analyst says that lawmakers should postpone action on Gov. Jerry Brown's plan to make changes in the state Unemployment Insurance Fund until "a long-term solvency plan" is formulated. Dan Walters SacBee Capitol Alert -- 3/6/12

Judge temporarily blocks report on UC Davis pepper spray incident -- An Alameda County Superior Court judge on Tuesday temporarily blocked the release of a University of California investigatory report about the controversial pepper spraying of UC Davis student protesters by campus police in November. Larry Gordon in the Los Angeles Times -- 3/6/12

Occupy protesters arrested at Capitol are released -- at Wal-Mart -- Sixty-six of the 68 protesters arrested for trespassing were cited and released, said Sean Kennedy, a spokesman for the California Highway Patrol, which handles security in the building. Officers dropped the protesters off at a 24-hour Wal-Mart in West Sacramento. Chris Megerian in the Los Angeles Times -- 3/6/12

Budget cuts: L.A. County court system to lay off 350 employees -- The Los Angeles County Superior Court system is expected to lay off about 350 employees in June and "restructure" more than 50 courtrooms because of deep cuts in funding by the state, according to a memo obtained Tuesday by The Times. Andrew Blankstein in the Los Angeles Times -- 3/6/12

Man killed in Honduras prison fire was deported despite court stay -- Los Angeles immigration agents are reviewing why a Honduran man who died in a massive prison fire was sent back to his native country weeks after receiving a stay of deportation. Anna Gorman in the Los Angeles Times -- 3/6/12

Spending at California Indian casinos continues to slide -- Further evidence of how shaky California's economy was in 2010: Indian casino revenues across the state fell another 3 percent. Dale Kasler in the Sacramento Bee -- 3/6/12

American Indian tribes cautious on online gambling -- Leaders who run casinos for Indian tribes are telling regulators and companies that they won't support new laws involving online gambling unless it's clear how tribes nationwide will be affected. OSKAR GARCIA AP -- 3/6/12

Ouster of wildlife official who shot and ate cougar will wait -- The drive to oust state Fish and Game Commission President Dan Richards over his legal but controversial mountain lion hunt in Idaho is stalled. Assemblyman Ben Hueso, D-San Diego, has signaled he will delay Thursday’s planned floor vote on a binding resolution to remove Richards. Michael Gardner UT San Diego -- 3/6/12

Schools chief Tom Torlakson backs Brown tax plan - and his rivals -- Tom Torlakson, the state superintendent of schools, took a stand Tuesday on the three-way political wrestling match over asking voters to raise taxes - sort of. Dan Walters in the Sacramento Bee -- 3/6/12

Jack Scott to retire as California community college chancellor -- Scott, a former communtiy college administrator and Democratic state legislator, revealed his retirement plans to the system's statewide board of trustees and said he and his wife, Lacreta, "plan to return to our home in the Pasadena-area. We will enjoy travel and visiting with family and friends." Dan Walters in the Sacramento Bee -- 3/6/12

Animal activists step up campaign to save California shelter law -- The Stray Cat Alliance is not backing down. Michael J. Mishak LA Times PolitiCal -- 3/6/12

Super Tuesday primaries: Mitt Romney hopes for a knockout -- Mitt Romney aimed to finally earn a decisive advantage in the Republican nomination fight Tuesday, as voters across 10 primary and caucus states headed to the polls in the single most important voting day so far in the 2012 campaign. ALEXANDER BURNS Politico -- 3/6/12

Obama Super Tuesday attack focuses on foreign policy -- Barack Obama spent his Super Tuesday barking back at the GOP dogs of war. GLENN THRUSH and CARRIE BUDOFF BROWN Politico -- 3/6/12

Party Marine says he's in trouble for anti-Obama expressions -- Freedom of speech and military order may be on a collision course at Camp Pendleton over a Marine's Facebook page that is highly critical of President Barack Obama. MARK WALKER in the North County Times -- 3/6/12

'Fernando the rocket' -- The new male falcon circling over downtown San Jose now has a name: Fernando El Cohete, or Nando, for short. Lisa Fernandez in the San Jose Mercury -- 3/6/12

San Jose's SunPower to provide solar panels for Apple's massive new data center in North Carolina -- Solar panels made by San Jose-based SunPower (SPWRA) will generate electricity for Apple's massive new data center in Maiden, N.C., according to a filing with regulators in that state. Dana Hull in the San Jose Mercury -- 3/6/12

Sen. Sharon Runner goes home early after lung transplant -- Runner was diagnosed in 2008 with limited scleroderma, an autoimmune condition that damages healthy tissue, and several lung infections had kept her from attending legislative sessions since January while she waited for a transplant. Patrick McGreevy in the Los Angeles Times -- 3/6/12

Plumbers, private prisons contribute to Brown tax initiative -- Gov. Jerry Brown continues to raise money for his tax measure at an aggressive clip, reporting more than $630,000 in new contributions Tuesday. Anthony York in the Los Angeles Times -- 3/6/12

Some Initiatives Flush With Cash, Others Bare -- It's by no means a perfect way to measure the eventual outcome at the polls, but money often talks loudest in campaigns for or against ballot measures in California. John Myers Capitol Notes -- 3/6/12

Fox: “Think Long” is Thinking Differently than others About Taxes -- While the governor and others are pushing for an increase in the income tax as a solution to the state’s financial problems, Think Long Committee participants at a PPIC forum in San Francisco last week stuck to the committee’s plan for tax reform: a tax on services. Joel Fox Fox & Hounds -- 3/6/12

L.A. lawmaker wants app for insurance proof -- California drivers seeing flashing lights in their rearview mirror may soon be reaching for their smartphones instead of putting them down. Hannah Dreier AP -- 3/6/12



   California Policy and Politics This Morning

Teachers union leads in record year of lobbying lawmakers -- Labor group spent $6.5 million, part of a $286.6-million effort by lobbyists to court legislators. The economy and a new Democratic governor after seven years of a business-friendly Republican are key factors. Patrick McGreevy in the Los Angeles Times -- 3/6/12

Schwarzenegger pays $30,000 in fines -- Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has paid $30,000 in fines for inappropriately spending $1.1 million in campaign funds on a media blitz during his 2009 budget battle with Democrats. Kevin Yamamura in the Sacramento Bee Patrick McGreevy in the Los Angeles Times -- 3/6/12

Local GOP unaware of Romney super PAC in Lake County -- In a gated community in Northern California’s Lake County, a new Mitt Romney super political action committee is emerging. But Republican Party leaders in this scenic region 110 miles north of San Francisco say they don’t know anything about it. Lance Williams California Watch -- 3/6/12

A year before balloting, L.A. mayoral hopefuls build voting blocs -- Five candidates are hoping to succeed Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Several are trying to expand their support beyond their bases, but few have staked out strong positions. Kate Linthicum in the Los Angeles Times -- 3/6/12

Rush Limbaugh apologizes again, but advertisers continue to sever ties -- Rush Limbaugh offered more contrition Monday for his comments about a Georgetown law student, but the conservative radio talk-show host continued to lose advertisers as a result of outrage over his characterization of the woman as a “slut” and a “prostitute.” Paul Farhi in the Washington Post -- 3/6/12

Hundreds of DUI cases in San Francisco could be tossed -- Hundreds of drunken-driving convictions in San Francisco could be thrown out because of questions about how police handled the device that measures blood alcohol levels, prosecutors and the public defender's office said Monday. Vivian Ho in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 3/6/12

   Capitol Protest

Walters: Protesting California students have a point about budget -- The thousands of college students who marched on the Capitol on Monday to protest rising fees and decreasing state support had a point: Higher education has taken a disproportionately heavy drubbing in recent years as politicians attempted – and largely failed – to balance the state budget. Dan Walters in the Sacramento Bee -- 3/6/12

Dozens arrested at Capitol protests -- Another day of protests played out at the state Capitol on Monday with thousands of demonstrators denouncing soaring higher education costs and a select group spending most of the day inside the rotunda to achieve one goal: getting arrested. Sam Stanton, Torey Van Oot, Ed Fletcher and Kim Minugh in the Sacramento Bee -- 3/6/12

Activists protest education cuts -- A coalition of student groups and labor unions supported the demonstration, billed by some as an 'occupy the Capitol' action. The protest reflected discontent over steady hikes in college costs amid budget cuts. Chris Megerian in the Los Angeles Times -- 3/6/12

CHP arrest dozens -- California Highway Patrol officers arrested dozens of protesters who refused to leave the state Capitol Monday night after repeated warnings, capping a day of protests over cuts to higher education that saw thousands descend upon Sacramento. HANNAH DREIER AP -- 3/6/12

Sacramento higher-ed protest -- Police arrested about 60 protesters who had taken over the Rotunda of the state Capitol on Monday to demand an end to higher education cuts and passage of a proposed "millionaires tax." Nanette Asimov in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 3/6/12

Occupy protesters arrested at state Capitol -- Roughly 70 college students and Occupy protesters were arrested for trespassing at the state Capitol late Monday following a day of peaceful but noisy protest over higher education cuts. BRIAN JOSEPH in the Orange County Register -- 3/6/12

Protesters facing off with CHP -- A long day of protests at the state Capitol on Monday over rising college costs and escalating higher education cuts ended late evening with the arrest of 72 demonstrators who had taken control over the main floor for seven hours. Steven Harmon and Matt Krupnick in the San Jose Mercury -- 3/6/12

Students rally -- Thousands of college students and others rallied at the state Capitol this morning to protest fee increases and budget cuts at public colleges and universities. JIM MILLER in the Riverside Press -- 3/6/12

   Economy - Jobs

Yahoo layoffs -- Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson may be close to announcing a major reorganization and sizable layoffs at the Sunnyvale Internet company, which has been grappling with falling revenue, dissident investors and a changing Internet landscape. Brandon Bailey and Jeremy C. Owens in the San Jose Mercury Jessica Guynn in the Los Angeles Times -- 3/6/12

Critics assail program that pays police salaries -- The Obama administration wants to boost funding for grants that have funneled millions of federal dollars to police officer salaries at cash-strapped Inland Southern California law enforcement agencies. BEN GOAD in the Riverside Press -- 3/6/12

Santa Clara voters can't decide 49ers stadium again, judge rules -- Ending a last-ditch effort to block the San Francisco 49ers' new stadium, a judge on Monday ruled that Santa Clara residents cannot vote on the project a second time, paving the way for construction to begin this spring. Mike Rosenberg in the San Jose Mercury -- 3/6/12

Sacramento arena plan appears to have 5 council votes for passage -- It's a potentially risky bet, but so far the Sacramento City Council appears willing to keep playing the game. Ryan Lillis, Dale Kasler and Tony Bizjak in the Sacramento Bee -- 3/6/12

Reed says call for audit of San Jose pension estimate is politically motivated -- Mayor Chuck Reed said a call Monday for an audit of the city's finances and pension costs is another attempt by unions and their political allies to derail a pension reform measure proposed for the June ballot. Mark Gomez Mark Gomez -- 3/6/12


UC Davis pepper spray report delayed as police union threatens legal action -- Facing threat of legal action by the union for University of California, Davis, campus police, officials scrapped plans to release a report today on the November pepper spraying of students and protesters in the UC Davis quad. Sam Stanton in the Sacramento Bee -- 3/6/12

Black students in L.A. suspended at proportionally higher rate, data show -- African American students in Los Angeles are being suspended at a proportionally higher rate than in the nation's other largest school systems, according to U.S. Department of Education data. Howard Blume in the Los Angeles Times -- 3/6/12

Fensterwald: ACSA: Waiver too weak as is -- The organization representing state school administrators says that if California wants its request for a waiver from the No Child Left Behind law to be taken seriously, then the State Board should give Secretary of Education Arne Duncan more of what he is demanding. John Fensterwald educatedguess -- 3/6/12

Opposition to California’s school ranking system grows -- Opposition at the highest levels of state government is emerging against the more than decade-old system of ranking California’s schools on a scale of 1 to 10, based on how they score on the state’s Academic Performance Index. Louis Freedberg EdSource -- 3/6/12

Parent trigger: School tests California law that allows takeover via petition -- The national battle over the best way to fix failing schools is ripping through this desert town like a sandstorm, tearing apart a community that is testing a radical new approach: the parent takeover. Lyndsey Layton in the Washington Post -- 3/6/12

   Health Care

Sacramento area counties prepare for early test of Obama's health care overhaul -- One slice of President Barack Obama's health care overhaul is coming early to the Sacramento region, providing a first glimpse at what the massive, complex law will look like. Grace Rubenstein in the Sacramento Bee -- 3/6/12

Healthcare reform helps Oakland clinic meet huge demand -- When Sherry Hirota learned that healthcare reform meant community clinics like hers would be expected to double their capacity, she wasn’t surprised. Callie Shanafelt HealthyCal.org -- 3/6/12

High-cost patients across the Bay Area -- Hospitals have become too familiar to Mary Janelle Granger. She used to rush to the emergency department at least twice a month when troubled breathing panicked her. Sandy Kleffman in the San Jose Mercury -- 3/6/12


U.S. Supreme Court move backs game warden power -- The claim of an unconstitutional search by a San Diego fisherman who got caught with an out-of-season lobster was rebuffed Monday by the U.S. Supreme Court. Denny Walsh in the Sacramento Bee -- 3/6/12

For some, habitat plan remains controversial -- By assembling a network of 500,000 acres for protected or sensitive plants and animals, local governments will have permission to destroy habitat elsewhere in order to expedite that other development, particularly transportation projects. DUANE W. GANG in the Riverside Press -- 3/6/12

New state bird guide highlights climate change risk -- If the climate continues to warm and development doesn’t slow down, the first avian calamities are likely to the California black rail, the California and Yuma clapper rails, and a few species of coastal song sparrows. Susanne Rust California Watch -- 3/6/12

Hayward Fault's double dose of quakes no surprise -- The two earthquakes that struck just seconds apart in El Cerrito early Monday were centered on an area of the Hayward Fault that has seen a cluster of temblors over the last 40 years, seismologists said. Will Kane, Henry K. Lee in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 3/6/12


Occupy activists dispute hate-crime charges -- Attorneys for three Occupy Oakland protesters charged with hate crimes for allegedly using a gay slur during a skirmish with a counterprotester said Monday that police were smearing the activists to try to discredit their movement. Justin Berton in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 3/6/12


Tech Titans Fund Undocumented Students -- A group of Silicon Valley technology leaders, impatient with attempts to rewrite immigration laws, is funding efforts to help undocumented youths attend college, find jobs and stay in the country despite their illegal status. MIRIAM JORDAN in the Wall Street Journal -- 3/6/12


San Francisco officials urged to bring terror task force under local control -- Muslim community members and other residents are urging San Francisco officials to pass a proposed ordinance that would restore local control over a terrorism task force made up of police and the FBI. G.W. Schulz California Watch -- 3/6/12

Court ruling could limit cities' power to prohibit marijuana dispensaries -- The latest development in the fight over medical marijuana could sharply limit cities' power to prohibit marijuana dispensaries. Andrew Edwards in the San Bernardino Sun -- 3/6/12

California drivers finally put down those cellphones and are living to tell the tale -- California drivers squawked, they talked, and one or two -- could it have been you? -- even balked at having cellphones ripped from their hands when the state law forbidding the use of handheld phones on the road went into effect in 2008. Bruce Newmanin the San Jose Mercury DON THOMPSON AP Josh Richman Political Blotter Patrick McGreevy in the Los Angeles Times -- 3/6/12

A passage through Asia leads San Jose State student to a soft launch -- So after returning to San Jose from Asia two months ago, she launched Oimei Co., a socially conscious startup where the only bottom line that matters is empowering marginalized workers in developing countries. Bruce Newman in the San Jose Mercury -- 3/6/12

   POTUS 44

Obama luckiest in his enemies -- You need just a few things to become president: money, timing, some smart people to run things — you are too busy to run things yourself because you are up in the sky traveling from campaign stop to campaign stop and also making fundraising calls — and, most important of all, luck. ROGER SIMON Politico -- 3/6/12


Don't rush to write off Limbaugh, analysts say -- He's lost 11 advertisers since using crude language to describe a student for her views on birth control, but analysts say his huge audience should allow him to thrive. James Rainey and Matea Gold in the Los Angeles Times -- 3/6/12