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California Policy & Politics Monday Morning  

Man shot to death in downtown Los Angeles amid protests Sunday -- A man was shot to death Sunday evening, according to the Los Angeles Police Department, a killing committed in an area of downtown Los Angeles that was flooded with protesters decrying police brutality. At 7:20 p.m., a Latino man in his twenties was fatally shot on Olympic Boulevard between Hill Street and Broadway, Officer Mike Lopez said. The gunman fled in a white vehicle. Matthew Ormseth, Richard Winton in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 6/1/20

‘Let’s get this motherf—ker’: San Jose officer benched after viral protest comments -- The San Jose Police Department was doing damage control after one of its officers trended nationally on social media for aggressive comments toward demonstrators protesting the George Floyd killing in Minneapolis, shouting “Let’s get this motherf—er” and “Shut up, bitch” as he manned downtown skirmish lines. Robert Salonga in the San Jose Mercury$ -- 6/1/20

The Shutdowns  

California state government closing offices Monday because of protests -- State government offices in downtown city areas in California will be closed Monday due to protests, according to a Government Operations Agency spokeswoman. Wes Venteicher in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 6/1/20

L.A. County courts are ordered closed Monday due to protests -- All Los Angeles County Superior Court proceedings will be suspended through at least Monday in response to ongoing protests, according to a statement issued Sunday by Presiding Judge Kevin Brazile. Laura Newberry in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 6/1/20

San Diego Courts closed Monday because court officers busy with other duties -- Officials say sheriff’s personnel expected to be working throughout evening and elsewhere Monday, leaving court security and screening services unavailable. Karen Kucher in the San Diego Union-Tribune$ -- 6/1/20

The Looting  

Scene of unchecked looting sparks anger: ‘It was like a McDonald’s drive-through’ -- The Los Angeles Police Department arrested nearly 400 people Saturday during unruly protests, but some officials are concerned at the amount of looting that went unchecked overnight. Richard Winton, Kim Christensen in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 6/1/20

Melrose Avenue, one of L.A.'s hippest streets, hit hard by looters -- Eli Ventov stood outside his blackened store on Melrose Avenue on Sunday morning. The roof appeared on the verge of collapse, and patches of overcast sky were visible through the ceiling. The night before, Ventov had stood across the street and watched Reloaded L.A., his business of nearly 12 years, go up in flames. Brittny Mejia, Joseph Serna, Laura Newberry in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 6/1/20

San Jose, Walnut Creek, Danville declare curfews as conflicts and looting erupt again amid national protests -- As clashes between protesters and police continued for a third night across the Bay Area on Sunday, with looting and violence rampant across the East Bay, San Jose, Walnut Creek and Danville joined San Francisco on Sunday in imposing curfews to try to restore the peace. Julia Prodis Sulek, Annie Sciacca, Maggie Angst, George Kelly in the San Jose Mercury$ -- 6/1/20

San Leandro malls ransacked as George Floyd unrest in Bay Area intensifies -- Police blocked off the mall. Reports and videos posted on Twitter showed people breaking into outlet stores and driving off with stolen goods. There were also reports of a car dealership being broken into at Marina Square. Rachel Swan in the San Francisco Chronicle$ -- 6/1/20

13 arrested in attempt to loot Lakewood mall, sheriff says -- The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department arrested 13 people who attempted to loot the Lakewood mall Sunday. Sheriff’s deputies were out in force at the shopping center, and Sheriff Alex Villanueva said they were able to quickly control the situation. Richard Winton in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 6/1/20

Hundreds arrested in Santa Monica amid widespread looting -- What started as a peaceful protest along Ocean Avenue devolved into chaos around 1 p.m., as looters smashed storefronts in the Santa Monica Place mall and other downtown businesses. Police said they made hundreds of arrests and that the National Guard had arrived to help. Alejandra Reyes-Velarde, Melissa Etehad in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 6/1/20

Waves of protesters, widespead looting and violence overtake Santa Monica -- Around 700 protesters met with tear gas and rubber bullets, while dozens of looters targeted the city's downtown area nearly simultaneously. Josh Cain, Olga Grigoryants, Pierce Singgih in the Los Angeles Daily News$ -- 6/1/20

Long Beach hit hard by looters as crowds roam through downtown -- As protesters demonstrated against police abuse on Ocean Boulevard in Long Beach Sunday, some looters hit a nearby shopping center and ran away with merchandise. Ruben Vives in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 6/1/20

National Guard summoned to Long Beach after looting, fires -- Before crowds were dispersed, it appeared at least two stores near the Pike, Guess and Forever 21, were looted along with an Italian restaurant on Pine Avenue. Long Beach fire crews responded to a CVS pharmacy at Long Beach Boulevard and Sixth Street that reportedly had been looted and a fire set inside the building’s entrance. At least seven locations were burglarized Sunday, Long Beach Police Chief Robert Luna said. Emily Rasmussen, Eric Licas in the Long Beach Press Telegram$ -- 6/1/20

Peaceful Sacramento protests drowned out by looting, vandalism that continued through night -- A relatively peaceful day of protests in Sacramento descended into a second night of anarchy Sunday as looters and vandals roamed through pockets of downtown and midtown, smashing windows and looting stores. Some businesses were hit for the second night in a row. Sam Stanton, Hannah Wiley, Ryan Sabalow, Dale Kasler, Tony Bizjak, and Benjy Egel in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 6/1/20

A shaken La Mesa tries to recover after night of destruction -- Shaken La Mesa residents who spent a sleepless night anxiously following news reports emerged Sunday morning to see parts of their city in ruins. Teams of volunteers and community groups fanned out to sweep up broken glass, paint over graffiti and pick up trash. Crowds swelled throughout the morning in front of the looted Vons and the other damaged stores and restaurants in the La Mesa Springs Shopping Center. Teri Figueroa, David Clary in the San Diego Union-Tribune$ -- 6/1/20

L.A. reels from looting and arrests not seen in decades -- There was a sense of weariness this weekend as demonstrators replayed the sorts of scenes that have scarred Los Angeles more, perhaps, than any other American city. This time the catalyst was the killing, at the knee of a police officer, of George Floyd, some 1,800 miles away in Minneapolis. “I was here for Rodney [King],” said Marsha Steinberg, 76, a self-described activist in the Fairfax district. “Nothing has changed.” Ruben Vives, Dakota Smith in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 6/1/20

Recalling ’92 riots, Von Dutch general manager tells staff to leave Melrose store -- Inside Von Dutch, a national apparel store known for its trucker hats with a flagship store on Melrose Avenue, the shelves were empty Sunday. Expletive-laden graffiti was sprayed in blue on the wall, and the carpet was charred from where someone had set a fire the night before. Brittny Mejia in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 6/1/20

Looters break into closed Weberstown Mall in north Stockton -- Shortly after two Pacific Avenue shopping malls closed midday Sunday, looters broke into Weberstown Mall and made off with merchandise before police arrived to break it up. Up on Hammer Lane, juveniles gathered at the Walmart store following a social media post that directed them to that store after the malls were secured. Joe Goldeen in the Stockton Record -- 6/1/20

Protests, looting continue, lead to more California curfews -- In more than 20 cities, thieves smashed their way into businesses and ran off with as much as they could carry — boxes of sneakers, armloads of clothes and cellphones, TVs and other electronics. Christopher Weber, Brian Melley and Daisy Nguyen Associated Press -- 6/1/20

Is looting covered by insurance? Depends on the business -- Sean Wotherspoon spent Saturday night in his Los Angeles home, watching live as his businesses were destroyed. He watched as security-camera feeds showed people shattering the plate glass windows of his Round Two store on North Fairfax and walking out with more than $250,000 worth of high-end street wear. Sam Dean, Laurence Darmiento, Ronald D. White in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 6/1/20

The Protests  

LAPD officer is shot in the leg at Whole Foods parking lot in Venice -- An LAPD officer suffered a non life-threatening gunshot wound Sunday near the Venice Santa Monica border, an official said. Richard Winton in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 6/1/20

Long day ends in arrests after thousands of Downtown LA marchers confront troops, LAPD at City Hall -- A mammoth Downtown Los Angeles march brought protesters face-to-face with National Guard troops and the LAPD on the steps of L.A. City Hall on Sunday, long after an ordered curfew on the fifth day of protests following the death of a black man at the hands of a white Minneapolis police officer. Ryan Carter, David Rosenfeld, Ariella Plachta in the Los Angeles Daily News$ -- 6/1/20

Thousands of cars protest in caravan through Oakland -- Protesters in the Bay Area demanded justice for the killing of George Floyd for the third day on Sunday, when a caravan of thousands of vehicles drove through downtown Oakland for more than three hours. Johana Bhuiyan in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 6/1/20

Interfaith ‘kneel-in’ demonstration planned at SF City Hall Monday with actor Jamie Foxx -- Interfaith leaders will be holding a “kneel in” demonstration at San Francisco City Hall on Monday to protest the killings of George Floyd in Minneapolis and Breonna Taylor in Louisville, Ky. by police. Tony Bravo in the San Francisco Chronicle$ -- 6/1/20

Unrest spreads to Bay Area suburbs: Walnut Creek declares curfew, woman shot -- Walnut Creek declared a citywide curfew at 6 p.m. Sunday and asked businesses to shut down immediately in response to unrest and looting in the Broadway Plaza shopping area. A woman was shot and wounded in the arm in connection with the unrest, police told The Chronicle. Dozens of stores in the shopping district were vandalized. Kevin Fagan and Trapper Byrne in the San Francisco Chronicle$ -- 6/1/20

Fresno protest stays peaceful, attracting crowd of 3,000 in wake of George Floyd death -- Hundreds gathered an hour or so before the event began, heard from a variety of guest speakers as the crowd swelled into the thousands, then marched to police headquarters for more speeches before wrapping up the day about 2 1/2 hours later back at City Hall. Anthony Galaviz, Robert Kuwada, and Larry Valenzuela in the Fresno Bee -- 6/1/20

Why rage over George Floyd’s killing is more explosive this time -- On the surface, the past few days of anger and unrest look the same as the racial justice protests that erupted over several years beginning with the BART police killing of Oscar Grant in 2009. In fact, protest veterans say, it’s much worse. Kevin Fagan in the San Francisco Chronicle$ -- 6/1/20

SF officials condemn George Floyd protest violence, after ‘dozens and dozens’ of fires on Saturday -- Officials around the Bay Area condemned continuing violence and looting on Sunday, and imposed curfews in an effort to rein in the mayhem. San Francisco residents must stay indoors from 8 p.m. until 5 a.m., until further notice. San Jose imposed a curfew from 8:30 p.m. to 5 a.m. starting Sunday, to last seven days or until further notice. Tatiana Sanchez in the San Francisco Chronicle$ -- 6/1/20

The Reporting Under Fire  

KPCC/LAist Reporters Tear-Gassed, Shot With Rubber Bullet -- As protests over the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer stretch into their fifth night, KPCC/LAist reporter Adolfo Guzman-Lopez was shot in the throat with a rubber bullet by Long Beach police officers. He is currently being checked out by doctors. Mike Kessler LAist -- 6/1/20

More journalists injured covering George Floyd protests -- The first time officers shot rubber bullets at MSNBC host Ali Velshi and his crew Saturday night in Minneapolis, he was willing to believe that the officials didn’t know they were press. The second time, Velshi said, they knew and shot anyway. “We put our hands up and yelled, ‘We’re media!’” Velshi said. “They responded, ‘We don’t care!’ and they opened fire a second time.” Lindsey Bahr Associated Press -- 6/1/20

Times reporter recounts being hit with tear gas and rubber bullets by Minnesota police -- When Minnesota police advanced on peaceful protesters gathered at an intersection outside the Fifth Precinct late Saturday, I didn’t expect them to fire on reporters. I was wrong. Molly Hennessy-Fiske in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 6/1/20

Open season on the free press: Journalists targeted in attacks as U.S. protests rage -- On Friday evening, viewers watched as CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez and his crew were arrested on live television while covering a protest following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. By Saturday, as protesters and the police clashed across the nation, reporter Kaitlin Rust from Louisville, Kentucky local station WAVE News screamed on air “I’m getting shot! I’m getting shot!” as cameras caught her and her crew being targeted at gunpoint and shot at by local police with pepper balls. Kenneth Li Reuters -- 6/1/20

The Virus  

California cases continue to grow, state death toll rises to 4,143 -- California’s death toll from COVID-19 continued to rise Sunday as the number of confirmed cases in the state approached 110,000. Aldo Toledo in the San Jose Mercury$ -- 6/1/20

Long after the illness is gone, the damage from coronavirus may remain -- The roulette wheel of infection that determines which COVID-19 patients live and die has gripped the world in fear, but researchers are looking into another insidious danger — that the disease could be inflicting lasting, even permanent, damage on its victims. Peter Fimrite in the San Francisco Chronicle$ -- 6/1/20

Open Regardless  

‘Welcome home again’: Small number of Bay Area churches open Sunday, defying coronavirus orders -- Pastor Larry Ihrig had a message for congregants as he greeted them with elbow bumps Sunday morning at the entrance to the sanctuary at Livermore’s Celebration Church. “Welcome home again, guys. I wish we could hug, but we can’t do any of that.” Maggie Angst, Aldo Toledo in the San Jose Mercury$ -- 6/1/20

Sonoma County sheriff to cease enforcing county coronavirus order Monday -- Beginning Monday, Sonoma County sheriff’s deputies will no longer enforce the local health order meant to slow the spread of the deadly coronavirus, setting up potential conflicts between residents and businesses in cities and those in unincorporated areas of the county. Lori A. Carter in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat -- 6/1/20

Policy & Politics 

California Could Lose a Seat In Congress. Here’s What That Would Mean -- But in the year 2000, California’s population started to slump. That’s a problem when it comes to political apportionment because even though California is still growing (now just shy of 40 million people), other states like Texas and Florida have expanded faster. Caroline Champlin KQED -- 6/1/20

Skelton: To solve California’s coronavirus-fueled budget woes, Newsom should gamble on sports betting -- If we legalize sports betting in California, schoolkids will be the winners. Maybe also the aged poor. And working single moms looking for child care while schools are shuttered. George Skelton in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 6/1/20

Walters: A conflict 42 years in the making -- Fair warning. What you are about to read is the briefest possible summary of one of the most arcane features of government finance in California, albeit one that involves hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars and illustrates how financial decisions over four decades interact to create quagmires that defy rationality. Dan Walters Calmatters -- 6/1/20


California school districts forced to move to virtual recruiting — and it’s working -- Most California school districts were just plunging into their annual teacher recruitment season in March when schools began to close in response to the coronavirus pandemic. One by one districts canceled job fairs, pulled recruiters off the road and shifted to a virtual hiring process. Diana Lambert EdSource -- 6/1/20

Governor suspends California teacher testing requirements for candidates impacted by coronavirus closures -- Gov. Gavin Newsom has suspended state testing requirements for teacher candidates impacted by the coronavirus pandemic in an executive order issued Saturday morning. Diana Lambert EdSource -- 6/1/20

School district leaders from around the U.S. rethink education, emphasize online learning -- As education leaders mull how to bring students back to schools safely, they are also wrestling with how to better educate children who were falling behind before the pandemic. Theresa Harrington EdSource -- 6/1/20

POTUS 45  

White House divided on Trump addressing racial tensions -- As protests continue to flare across the country, President Donald Trump and his top aides cannot settle on the next steps the White House should take to ease tensions after the latest death of an African American man detained by a white police officer. Nancy Cook Politico -- 6/1/20

Trump took shelter in White House bunker as protests raged -- Secret Service agents rushed President Donald Trump to a White House bunker on Friday night as hundreds of protesters gathered outside the executive mansion, some of them throwing rocks and tugging at police barricades. Jonathan Lemire and Zeke Miller Associated Press -- 6/1/20

President Trump made 19,127 false or misleading claims in 1,226 days -- It’s no longer a question as to whether President Trump will exceed 20,000 false or misleading claims by the time his current term is completed. Instead, we have to ask: Will he top 25,000? Glenn Kessler, Salvador Rizzo and Meg Kelly in the Washington Post$ -- 6/1/20


-- Sunday Updates   

‘Sometimes peaceful is not enough’: L.A. protesters explain why they hit the streets -- “Sometimes peaceful is not enough,” said Equihua, 20. “I’m not one of the people vandalizing, but honestly, I get it. They feel like actions speak louder than words.” Dakota Smith, Emily Baumgaertner, Leila Miller in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 5/31/20

Despite curfew, downtown L.A. hit by more looting overnight -- Despite a citywide curfew, groups of people — mostly men — wandered the streets of downtown Los Angeles late Saturday night, smashing windows and spray-painting anti-police graffiti on plywood boards that business and property owners had hastily affixed to their buildings earlier in the day. Monte Morin, Tania Ganguli in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 5/31/20

Melrose Avenue shop manager grabs nail gun as looters try to break in -- Rodney Beckwith, who goes by his artist name Flewnt, spent the night inside Resist 323, the store he manages on Melrose Avenue. A garage door security gate was pulled down in front to protect the shop, which sells custom clothing and art. But one of the windows at the top of the store was still smashed. Brittny Mejia in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 5/31/20

Looters wreak havoc at San Francisco’s Union Square, Powell Street Center in Emeryville during second night of protests across Bay Area -- Clashes between protesters and police across the Bay Area returned for a second night Saturday, with frenzied vandals taking over as the night wore on, wreaking havoc on the high-end shops of San Francisco’s Union Square, including Saks Fifth Avenue, and looting the Powell Street Center in Emeryville. Leonardo Castañeda, Fiona Kelliher, Marisa Kendall, Julia Prodis Sulek in the San Jose Mercury$ -- 5/31/20

San Francisco to be under curfew Sunday night after protests -- Mayor London Breed announced San Francisco will go under a curfew starting Sunday night after protests in the city over the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis gave way to damage and looting on Saturday night. The curfew will last from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m., Breed said. She said the state’s National Guard will be “on standby” to assist with enforcement. Matt Kawahara in the San Francisco Chronicle$ -- 5/31/20

Protests in Northern California are marked by frustration and pockets of violence -- Thousands of demonstrators in cities across Northern California once again took to the streets Saturday night, even as the National Guard was called in to quell unrest in Los Angeles. Although those troops were not deployed in other California cities, violence escalated late into the night in many communities, prompting curfews and pleas from local leaders that largely went unheeded. Anita Chabria in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 5/31/20

San Jose woman arrested after allegedly running 2 people over during protest -- A 26-year-old woman has been arrested after allegedly hitting two people with an SUV Friday night during a San Jose protest, fleeing the scene after a sheriff’s deputy fired once at the vehicle. Fiona Kelliher in the San Jose Mercury$ -- 5/31/20

Why the coronavirus is surging in Alameda County -- Public health officials say that expanded testing explains some of the increase in cases. The county has more than doubled its testing over the past month, so certainly more cases, especially among people who may not have symptoms of illness, are being detected. Erin Allday in the San Francisco Chronicle$ -- 5/31/20

Churches plan big Pentecost services despite orders: ‘It’s part of our faith to be together’ -- What began as a public health debate has quickly escalated into a dispute over freedom of worship in several states. In California, pressure has built steadily on Gov. Gavin Newsom to ease the rules governing religious services, even as examples mount of the virus spreading through faith gatherings. Sarah Parvini in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 5/31/20

Boardwalk closed. University closed. Santa Cruz met the moment, but at a huge cost -- Santa Cruz County, home to 273,200 people, includes some tech businesses and other industries, but its economic engine largely depends on seasonal tourism and the revenue generated by the 19,000 students and hundreds of faculty and employees at UC Santa Cruz. That campus is now closed, and city and county have been urging visitor they once welcomed to stay away, at least for now. Melissa Gomez in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 5/31/20

Ambitious effort to contain growth of tents in Tenderloin results in failure -- It’s been four weeks since San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced an ambitious plan to clean up and slow the flood of homeless tents in the Tenderloin. And while there have been some small improvements, there are more tents that ever. Phil Matier in the San Francisco Chronicle$ -- 5/31/20

PG&E could become a nonprofit someday under California bill -- California lawmakers may still create a path to overhaul PG&E Corp.’s structure even though the company is poised to remain an investor-owned business after its expected emergence from bankruptcy this year. J.D. Morris in the San Francisco Chronicle$ -- 5/31/20