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Congress sends major California water policy to President Obama, despite Sen. Barbara Boxer's objections -- Over Sen. Barbara Boxer’s objections, the Senate voted 78 to 21 Friday evening to pass sweeping water infrastructure legislation that changes how much water is pumped from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta to San Joaquin Valley farmers and Southern California. Sarah D. Wire and Bettina Boxall in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 12/10/16

'We're all hurting': Mourners gather at Oakland museum to remember victims of Ghost Ship fire -- On Friday night, several hundred people were on hand at the Oakland Museum of California to pay tribute to the Ghost Ship victims. Ben Poston in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 12/10/16

Oakland fire prompts nationwide crackdown on artists’ spaces -- The deadly warehouse fire in Oakland has delivered a jolt of alarm to city officials around the Bay Area and across the country, prompting a rash of inspections and evictions from warehouses and makeshift live-work spaces similar to the ill-fated building known as the Ghost Ship. Trisha Thadani, Rachel Swan, Michael Bodley and Peter Fimrite in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 12/10/16

Massive $450-million turf rebate program plagued by poor planning and oversight, audit finds -- The rebate program was a key element of California’s drought response, and officials say it helped residents conserve water. But the audit found that the MWD did a “less than satisfactory” job administrating the program due to “inadequate planning, execution, and follow-up.” Matt Stevens in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 12/10/16

California police officers will soon begin gathering data on the race of those they stop -- Police officers in California will soon track the race of those they pull over for traffic stops or encounter in the street, according to proposed guidelines released Friday by Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris. Liam Dillon in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 12/10/16

Malibu rancher, wildlife advocates team up to protect alpacas from P-45 -- As the sun’s morning rays beat down over her 3-acre Malibu ranch Friday, Victoria Vaughn-Perling hauled out rolls of chain-link fencing, split wire with bolt cutters and helped volunteers connect steel poles. Susan Abram in the Los Angeles Daily News$ -- 12/10/16

Orders came 'all the way from the top,' former deputies say in trial of ex-Sheriff Lee Baca -- Two ex-Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies who have been convicted of obstructing an FBI civil rights investigation into the county jails told a federal jury on Friday that they believed they were following orders from former Sheriff Lee Baca. Victoria Kim in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 12/10/16

Voters chose transparency. But for the Legislature, interpretation is the issue -- A dispute over the meaning of Proposition 54, the new voter-approved change to how fast bills can be approved by the Legislature, could end up in front of the California Supreme Court next year in a showdown between Democratic lawmakers and government accountability groups. John Myers in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 12/10/16

Voting by district gives Latino candidates a boost in Orange County -- Sergio Farias came in last place when he ran for a seat on San Juan Capistrano’s city council in 2008. He was one of five candidates. But this past November, he beat his opponent in the city’s newly-drawn District 1 by a 17-point margin. Jill Replogle KPCC -- 12/10/16

Lopez: If you'd been in the shoes of these immigrants from Mexico, what would you have done? -- When it comes to immigration, there’s plenty of rhetoric, none of which is very illuminating. And then there are stories. Steve Lopez in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 12/10/16

Morain: Tesla is playing the tax subsidy game, and winning -- In the never-ending competition among states for jobs, Arizona stung California by enticing Lucid, a Menlo Park-based electric car company, to build its factory in Case Grande. Dan Morain in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 12/10/16

The Resistance to Trump is rooted in the Bay Area -- Californians may be largely locked out of the Trump administration, but they are quickly forming the hub of what’s being called the Resistance. Joe Garofoli in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 12/10/16


Brekke: A Lesson for the Homeless — and for the Impulsively Generous -- I don’t remember thinking about news or weather or homelessness or much of anything when I stopped for a cup of coffee on my way into the office the other day. Dan Brekke KQED -- 12/10/16

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New plan to keep Raiders in Oakland emerges -- A long-awaited plan to stop Las Vegas from plucking the Raiders out of Oakland emerged Friday — a $1.25 billion, 55,000-seat stadium at the Coliseum site as part of the proposed deal that could also make room for a new A’s ballpark as well as a large commercial development. David Debolt in the East Bay Times -- 12/10/16

Developer details high-rise residential, retail plans for historic L.A. Times property -- The new property owner of the historic Los Angeles Times building unveiled details Friday about its plans to dramatically transform the downtown Civic Center with high-rise residential towers and a host of stores. Roger Vincent in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 12/10/16

A U.S. company creates software jobs in Tijuana - and San Diego applauds -- India, Vietnam and eastern Europe were all locations under consideration for a new software engineering center planned by the U.S. company Thermo Fisher Scientific. Central Mexico, with its strong software sector, also was a possibility. Sandra Dibble in the San Diego Union-Tribune$ -- 12/10/16

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Pimping charges against Backpage.com chief executive tossed out by judge -- A judge has rejected state Atty. Gen. Kamala D. Harris’ effort to prosecute the operators of Backpage.com, one of the largest online classified advertisement websites, as the “world’s top online brothel” in hosting advertisements for adult services. Rong-Gong Lin II and Matt Hamilton in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 12/10/16

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Trump shuts a handful of his companies; some seemed linked to Saudi Arabia -- President-elect Donald Trump shut down some of his companies in the days after the election, including four that appeared connected to a possible Saudi Arabia business venture, according to corporate registrations in Delaware. Associated Press -- 12/10/16

Horsey: Trump’s Cabinet will serve corporate interests, not the chumps who voted for him -- To understand what kind of president Donald Trump will be, do not listen to what he says, watch what he does. David Horsey in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 12/10/16

Trump transition team for Energy Department seeks names of employees involved in climate meetings -- Donald Trump’s transition team has issued a list of 74 questions for the Energy Department, asking agency officials to identify which employees and contractors have worked on forging an international climate pact as well as domestic efforts to cut the nation’s carbon output. Steven Mufson and Juliet Eilperin in the Washington Post$ -- 12/10/16


Secret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win White House -- The CIA has concluded in a secret assessment that Russia intervened in the 2016 election to help Donald Trump win the presidency, rather than just to undermine confidence in the U.S. electoral system, according to officials briefed on the matter. Adam Entous, Ellen Nakashima and Greg Miller in the Washington Post$ -- 12/10/16

Trump breaks with Obama, intel agencies on election hacking -- In an extraordinary rebuke of the intelligence agencies he will soon lead as president, Donald Trump broke with his predecessor on Friday and rejected the conclusion that Russia had sought to help him by meddling in the U.S. election. Josh Gerstein, Jennifer Scholtes, Eric Geller and Martin Matishak Politico -- 12/10/16

Trump team’s demands fuel fear of Energy Department ‘witch hunt’ -- Donald Trump’s transition team wants the Energy Department to provide the names of any employees who have worked on President Barack Obama’s climate initiatives — a request that has current and former staffers fearing an oncoming “witch hunt.” Darious Dixon Politico -- 12/10/16

Low-wage earners and far-right skeptics united in criticism of Andrew Puzder for Labor secretary -- As a cook at a Carl’s Jr. restaurant in Santa Monica, Rogelio Hernandez, 71, has been flipping burgers for more than two decades. He said his wages have remained stagnant for years, though he did receive a raise of 25 cents an hour a month ago to $11.75 an hour. David Ng in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 12/10/16

Trump names Dow Chemical chief to advisory role at same time federal government reviews proposed mega-merger -- President-elect Donald Trump named the head of Dow Chemical to an economic advisory role Friday night, even as the federal government is reviewing the company's proposed mega-merger with rival DuPont. Mark Z. Barabak in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 12/10/16

Trump faces a more skeptical public than any incoming president since 1989 -- Everyone called this a "change election," and with the fiercely anti-establishment Donald Trump, Americans certainly got change. But they are still uncertain about what they think of their new Change President. Danielle Kurtzleben NPR -- 12/10/16


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Post-election, Trump closes 4 companies linked to Saudi Arabia -- Corporate registrations in Delaware show that President-elect Donald Trump shut down some of his companies in the days after the election, including four companies that appeared connected to a possible Saudi Arabia business venture. Associated Press -- 12/9/16

California Politics Podcast: The Fight -- This week: Legislative Democrats say they're ready to fight President-elect Donald Trump. And we take a look at the results as the final votes are counted from the Nov. 8 election. With John Myers of the Los Angeles Times, Anthony York of the Grizzly Bear Project and Marisa Lagos of KQED News. Link here -- 12/9/16

Homeless U: First Shelter Just for College Students Opens Its Doors -- When James de la Nueve got in a fight with his dad last summer and got kicked out of the house, he found himself living on the streets of Los Angeles. April Dembosky KQED -- 12/9/16

Refrigerator ruled out as cause of Oakland fire that killed 36; no evidence of arson -- Investigators have ruled out a faulty refrigerator as the cause of a fire that killed 36 people in an Oakland warehouse last week. Veronica Rocha , Phil Willon and Joseph Serna in the Los Angeles Times$ Aaron Davis in the East Bay Times -- 12/9/16

Water fight: Boxer giving up on filibuster fight -- Sen. Barbara Boxer is ending her plans to filibuster a water infrastructure bill on the Senate floor. "I’ve done it, so I’m happy,” Boxer told The Times after voicing her objections to the newly added California provisions of the bill for about 90 minutes Friday. “I’ve made my point and I’ve spoken enough.” Sarah D. Wire in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 12/9/16

House passes water bill seen as threat to California Delta fish -- The House on Thursday approved a far-reaching federal water bill despite protests from Bay Area lawmakers and environmentalists that the measure will harm the Delta ecosystem and fish by shipping more water to Southern California cities and San Joaquin Valley farms. Denis Cuff in the San Jose Mercury$ -- 12/9/16

Hiltzik: The GOP unveils a 'permanent save' for Social Security — with massive benefit cuts -- Amid all the hand-wringing over Republican plans to eviscerate Medicare and Medicaid and repeal the Affordable Care Act, it shouldn’t be overlooked that the GOP has the knives out for Social Security too. Michael Hiltzik in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 12/9/16

The Field Poll is shutting down – after 70 years of charting California’s political highs and lows -- The Field Poll, which for more than a half-century has been the gold standard for public opinion research, is ceasing operations Friday, leaving behind a fabled track record of accurately reflecting the highs and lows of California’s biggest players and issues. Christopher Cadelago in the Sacramento Bee$ David Siders Politico Paul Rogers in the San Jose Mercury$ -- 12/9/16

Trump team confirms Putin defender Rohrabacher under consideration for secretary of state -- Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway confirmed that the candidates for secretary of state include Orange County Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, an outspoken defender of Vladimir Putin who calls the idea of Russian human rights abuses “baloney.” Sean Cockerham McClatchy DC -- 12/9/16

As California confronts Trump, rural Republicans hunker down -- Frost settled over cattle ranches and pine groves in this conservative outpost of California, where a local radio station advertised rifles “for the man in your life” and anxiety spread over the state’s emergence as a national counterweight to Donald Trump. David Siders Politico -- 12/9/16

Trump Inspires Defiance — and Optimism — in California Legislature -- On the Legislature’s opening day this week, both the Senate and Assembly condemned Trump’s campaign rhetoric before passing resolutions expressing opposition to his call for mass deportation of undocumented immigrants. Katie Orr KQED -- 12/9/16

Without these ads, there wouldn't be money in fake news -- It’s never been easier to launch a wildly profitable online media empire. Whether you're an aspiring mommy blogger or political pundit, $10 gets you a URL and online storage. Fill out a short form and copy-paste some code to get ads on your website. Paresh Dave in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 12/9/16

California Voting Rights Act helps Latinos make political inroads in Orange County -- Latinos win city council seats in three of four OC cities that recently switched from "at large" voting to by-district elections. Jill Replogle KPCC -- 12/9/16

CIRM eyes final $800 million for stem cell research -- If you are interested in how the state of California is going to spend its final $800 million or so on stem cell research, you should catch a key meeting next Tuesday in Oakland, which also can be heard online. David Jensen Capitol Weekly -- 12/9/16

Ghost Ship tragedy puts focus on plight of Oakland artists dealing with soaring Bay Area housing costs -- The room for rent last summer inside the converted warehouse at 1919 Market St. in West Oakland had all the magic of an artists colony that Sam Code wanted. Liam Dillon in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 12/9/16

Ghost Ship tragedy unleashes waves of grief throughout Bay Area -- There’s a coffee trailer tucked away among the native succulents and Christmas trees at Flowerland nursery in Albany. On Saturdays, Donna Kellogg, a barista, would work the morning shift solo, whipping up coffees and chatting up customers. Last Saturday though, the vivacious redhead was a no-show. Tammerlin Drummond in the San Jose Mercury$ -- 12/9/16

GOP will kill Obamacare … and then fund it -- After railing against insurer 'bailouts,' Republicans may have to offer something similar to prevent chaos while they craft a replacement. Paul Demko Politico -- 12/9/16

Permit to kill P-45 expires but the mountain lion still faces uncertain future -- The 10-day time period a Malibu rancher was given to hunt, shoot and possibly kill a problematic puma has passed, and the mountain lion lives to hunt another day — for now. Ryan Fonseca in the Los Angeles Daily News$ -- 12/9/16

LA will fight any Inglewood plans for 2024 Olympics opening/closing ceremonies -- Los Angeles City Council members told Los Angeles 2024 bid committee officials on Friday that the city would vigorously resist any plans to move the Opening or Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics from the Coliseum to a $2.8 billion stadium in Inglewood being built by real estate developer and Rams owner Stan Kroenke. Scott M. Reid in the Los Angeles Daily News$ -- 12/9/16

Fox: US Labor Secretary-Nominee Flees CA Business Climate -- President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee as Labor Secretary, Andrew Puzder, heads a California company that decided to move headquarters to Tennessee. His reasoning: California’s suffocating regulatory business climate. Joel Fox Fox & Hounds -- 12/9/16

State Library creates Greg Schmidt collection -- The California State Library is setting up a special collection in honor of Gregory Schmidt, the long-time ranking Senate staffer who died of cancer at the age of 69. John Howard Capitol Weekly -- 12/9/16

Marijuana is now legal in California, but it can still keep you from getting a job -- Since election day, Ellen Komp of cannabis advocacy group California NORML said she’s received at least a dozen emails and calls from employees asking whether marijuana is now exempted from employer drug tests. Samantha Masunaga in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 12/9/16

A 'mystery device' is letting thieves break into cars and drive off with them, insurance group says -- Insurance crime investigators are raising alarms over a device that not only lets thieves break into cars that use keyless entry systems but also helps start and steal them. Melissa Etehad in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 12/9/16

Two Malibu property owners fined $5.1 million for blocking access to public beach -- On Thursday, the California Coastal Commission fined two of those property owners more than $5.1 million for denying surfers, sand castle builders, kite flyers, sun bathers, yoga enthusiasts and other beachgoers access to the sand that is theirs by state law. Dan Weikel in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 12/9/16

Bugs spotlight government’s rocky relationship with tech -- A rash of technological woes hobbling key governmental services in the Bay Area and beyond has laid bare the often rocky relationship that municipalities have with the critical digital systems that play an ever-deepening role in civic life. Dominic Fracassa in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 12/9/16

Solar power plant in Nevada commissioned to serve California -- Officials have flipped the switch on a $1 billion solar power generation station in the Mojave Desert south of Las Vegas that they say can produce enough electricity to power about 80,000 California homes. Associated Press -- 12/9/16

Dyer: Noble shooting justified, but officer did not follow proper tactics before firing 4th shot -- Fresno police Chief Jerry Dyer said Friday that the shooting of unarmed 19-year-old Dylan Noble largely followed department policy, but that proper tactics were not used before the fourth and final shot was fired. Rory Appleton in the Fresno Bee -- 12/9/16

Obama Orders Intelligence Report on Russian Election Hacking -- President Obama has ordered American intelligence agencies to produce a full report on Russian efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election, his homeland security adviser said on Friday. David E. Sanger in the New York Times$ -- 12/9/16

Trump request at Energy Dept. raises concern that some may be targeted over climate views -- The transition team has asked department officials to identify which employees have worked on forging an international climate pact, raising concerns that Donald Trump's team may be singling out people who have helped implement certain policies under President Obama. Steven Mufson and Juliet Eilperin in the Washington Post$ -- 12/9/16