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California's new climate bill may dampen growth but it won't cripple the economy -- California’s landmark climate bill, passed by the Assembly this week, has earned the ire of business groups that say it w ill cripple their industries. The law will not be a moneymaker for everyone, but it probably won’t wreak havoc on the economy either, research shows. Natalie Kitroeff in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/27/16

Gov. Brown delivers huge blow to Oakland coal plan -- A developer’s plan to ship coal from Oakland’s docks took a huge blow Friday when Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill to block state funds for any coal-shipping terminals in California and vowed to keep up a fight against the fossil fuel. Rachel Swan in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 8/27/16

Sen. Boxer’s ‘farewell tour’ a thank-you to California -- With less than five months remaining in her 24-year run as one of the state’s two senators, Barbara Boxer stopped by the Presidio on Friday to relive past triumphs — and remind everyone that she still has clout. John King in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 8/27/16

Rohrabacher's ex-campaign treasurer pleads not guilty to embezzlement -- Jack Wu, a former campaign treasurer for Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, pleaded not guilty Thursday to grand theft, forgery and other charges in connection with Rohrabacher's accusation that Wu stole campaign funds. Alexia Fernandez in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/27/16

California bill would let women get a year of birth control at once -- California women would be able to get up to a 12-month supply of contraception under a bill headed to Gov. Jerry Brown. The state Senate on Friday passed Senate Bill 999, which extends the current limit of 90 days. Alexei Koseff in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 8/27/16

After losing authorship, Connie Leyva gets final word on her bill -- Sometimes lawmakers turn their attention to undercutting rivals in the other house – and sometimes they circle the wagons for one of their own. Alexei Koseff in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 8/27/16

Loretta Sanchez's Senate campaign says it can overcome hurdles -- If Orange County Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez manages to prevail in the race to replace retiring U.S. Barbara Boxer, it would be an upset on the magnitude of her historic 1996 defeat of entrenched conservative Rep. Bob Dornan. Martin Wisckol in the Orange County Register -- 8/27/16

The debate debate: How many are enough in U.S. Senate race? -- Loretta Sanchez is pushing for more than the two debates agreed to by U.S. Senate opponent Kamala Harris before the November election, but could end up with one or none. Martin Wisckol in the Orange County Register -- 8/27/16

Inland DAs take sides in death penalty measures -- Proponents of the Nov. 8 ballot propositions 62 and 66 agree on one thing: California’s death penalty system is an unequivocal mess. They completely disagree on what to do about it. Michael J. Williams in the Inland Daily Bulletin$ -- 8/27/16

San Jose: Police, political rhetoric revving high heading into crucial staffing vote -- This much seems to be clear: the San Jose Police Department is so understaffed that its most basic function, street patrol, is in peril. Robert Salonga and Ramona Giwargis in the San Jose Mercury$ -- 8/27/16

Jail inmates file class action suit over 'excessive' phone fees -- Jail inmates and their families have filed a class-action suit against Contra Costa and several other California counties, accusing jails of overcharging phone fees and essentially extorting inmates. Nate Gartrell in the East Bay Times -- 8/27/16

Calbuzz: Clinton’s Strategy: Isolating Trump as a Party of One -- We take only scant satisfaction in noting that the MSM finally show signs of understanding what Calbuzz laid out more than a month ago: that in their speeches to the Democratic National Convention in July, President Obama and Hillary Clinton herself reframed the 2016 presidential election by isolating Trumpism as a singular, virulent strain of nativistic ignorance, distinct from Republican, Democratic and all other American values and ideals. Jerry Roberts and Phil Trounstine CalBuzz -- 8/27/16

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SoCal Gas presses to reopen gas storage field, raising spectre of hot water shortages -- The risk that Los Angeles neighborhoods could have power outages due to a shortage of gas storage will be lower this winter than it was over the summer, state energy officials said Friday. However a gas company official said the state is underestimating the risk that homes and businesses could run short of gas this winter if Southern California Gas Co. is not permitted to reopen the Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility soon. Sharon McNary KPCC -- 8/27/16

California ski resort and Forest Service say let’s make a deal -- A Sierra Nevada land swap that would add 1,317 acres to three national forests in exchange for about 30 acres serving the prominent Mammoth Mountain ski resort is nearer completion. Michael Doyle in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 8/27/16

Unusual coalition opposes 2-year LA development moratorium -- Supporters of the Neighborhood Integrity Initiative submitted 104,000 signatures this week to qualify the measure for the March 2017 Los Angeles ballot. The initiative would place limits on development for two years — and is strongly opposed by an unusual coalition of business groups, labor leaders, developers and homeless advocates. Ben Bergman KPCC -- 8/27/16


AC Transit Breaks Ground on East Bay’s First Bus Rapid Transit Line -- Transit officials say a new dedicated BRT bus-only lane and green-light priority for BRT buses will allow them to operate at least every seven minutes during peak hours. Ryan Levi KQED -- 8/27/16


California bans ITT tech from accepting new students -- The emergency order, which takes effect Sept. 1, comes one day after the U.S. Department of Education banned ITT from enrolling new students who use federal financial aid. The item is in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/27/16

UC Berkeley suspends plans to build Global Campus in Richmond -- Just five months after receiving a $1 million donation to back efforts to build a UC Berkeley international research complex in Richmond, Chancellor Nicholas Dirks said the project has been indefinitely suspended. Jill Tucker in the San Francisco Chronicle Karina Ioffee in the East Bay Times -- 8/27/16

Poll: San Diegans divided on vaccinations -- Parents hoping to use a personal belief exemption to prevent their children from getting vaccinated lost a legal battle Tuesday. A federal judge declined to put California's law on hold, with means that all kindergardenrs and seventh graders would have to be fully vaccinated— no matter if they went to a public or private school. Daniel Wheaton in the San Diego Union-Tribune$ -- 8/27/16


California’s New Climate Rules, Explained -- Following more than a year of legislative toing and froing, California’s leaders agreed this week on how ambitious the state will be in the fight against climate change after 2020. Short answer: very. John Upton KQED -- 8/27/16

Bay Area Cities Try to Revive PCB Pollution Case Against Monsanto -- San Jose, Oakland and Berkeley plan to refile water pollution lawsuits against Monsanto that a federal judge dismissed earlier this week. Ryan Levi KQED -- 8/27/16


Price Hike for One Diabetes Drug Costs CalPERS Millions -- Soaring prices for new diabetes medications and other lifesaving prescription drugs aren’t just straining consumers’ pocketbooks. They’re putting a dent in government budgets, too — including California’s public worker pension system, the nation’s largest. Pauline Bartolone KQED -- 8/27/16

Judge rejects request to suspend California’s right-to-die law -- California’s right-to-die law for terminally ill adults remained in effect Friday after a judge rejected a group of doctors arguments that patients could be coerced to end their lives. Bob Egelko in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 8/27/16

California's right-to-die law remains intact but for how long? -- Ending more than two months of speculation in a closely watched California court case, a Riverside County judge on Friday refused to suspend California's new right-to-die law. But he did allow the case to go forward. Tracy Seipel in the East Bay Times -- 8/27/16

5 reasons prescription drug prices keep rising -- The “most important factor” that drives prescription drug prices higher in the United States than anywhere else in the world is the existence of government-protected “monopoly” rights for drug manufacturers, researchers at Harvard Medical School said this week. Sydney Lupkin in the Los Angeles Daily News$ -- 8/27/16

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Oakland police sex scandal: Activists asking if cops will be charged -- Activists and relatives of a teenage woman at the center of a San Francisco Bay Area police sex scandal say they want to know if any of the more than two dozen law enforcement officials implicated earlier this year will face criminal charges. Paul Ellias Associated Press -- 8/27/16

Golden Gate Bridge turns to texts to reach those in crisis -- It’s been nearly three years since Manuel Gamboa’s 18-year-old son skipped his Friday morning classes, took Highway 37 down to the 101, stopped his truck on the Golden Gate Bridge, got out and leaped, and Gamboa still hasn’t finished reading the suicide note. Kimberly Veklerov in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 8/27/16

In California’s Burn Zones, ‘Resilience’ Is More Than a Buzzword -- We hear a lot about “resilience” these days — in the face of climate change, social injustice and, of course, it’s the common currency of official post-disaster sound bites. Craig Miller KQED -- 8/27/16



Trump, Clinton place their bets in Nevada -- Politically, Nevada is the anti-California. The GOP runs both houses of the Legislature. Brian Sandoval, the state’s popular governor, is a Republican. Just like California, one party holds every state constitutional office, only in Nevada, it’s the GOP that ran the table. And in Nevada, there’s also an actual presidential race. John Wildermuth in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 8/27/16

Democrats’ hopes in the Senate get a boost from Donald Trump -- The math says it all: Democrats need to net four to five seats to win back control of the Senate in November. They've got a shot in at least nine races. Amber Phillips in the Washington Post$ -- 8/27/16

New Trump campaign chief faces scrutiny over voter registration, anti-Semitism -- Records show that Stephen K. Bannon changed his voter registration address in Florida this week as reporters were preparing a story about how he was registered at an address where he did not live. Sean Sullivan and Alice Crites in the Washington Post$ -- 8/27/16

Obama, Biden to campaign for Clinton in September -- President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will campaign for Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine in September at separate events in Pennsylvania and Ohio, the Democratic nominee's campaign announced Friday. Nick Gass Politico -- 8/27/16

Donald Trump’s Doctor Wrote Letter on His ‘Extraordinary’ Health in Only 5 Minutes -- The physician who called Donald Trump’s health “astonishingly excellent” last year said on Friday that he wrote the much-discussed health report in just five minutes and stands by his assessment. Katie Reilly TIME -- 8/27/16

Obama’s legacy on Syria dealt another blow -- Critics say a new report finding Assad has continued to use chemical weapons undercuts Obama's landmark 2013 deal with Syria. Sarah Wheaton Politico -- 8/27/16


-- Friday Updates 

Judge won't block California's strict child vaccination law -- A federal judge won't immediately block a California law that requires all schoolchildren to be vaccinated and is one of the strictest in the nation for eliminating exemptions based on religious and personal beliefs. Julie Watson Associated Press Paul Sisson in the San Diego Union-Tribune$ -- 8/26/16

Jaycee Dugard loses court case against federal parole officials -- A federal appeals court decided by a 2-1 vote Friday that Jaycee Dugard, who was kidnapped as a child and held by a parolee for 18 years, cannot hold federal parole officials liable for failing to supervise her abductor. Maura Dolan in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/26/16

Jerry Brown acts to block state money for coal terminals -- Gov. Jerry Brown, urging local governments and the state to eventually eliminate coal shipments through California ports, signed legislation on Friday prohibiting the California Transportation Commission from funding new bulk-terminal projects. David Siders and Jim Miller in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 8/26/16

Border Patrol agents seize more than $3 million from cars; two arrested -- More than $3 million destined for Mexico was found in two cars Tuesday, the largest cash seizure ever made by U.S. Border Patrol agents in San Diego County, authorities said Friday. Pauline Repard in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/26/16

Politifact CA: Big Tobacco blowing smoke in claim about California's Prop 56 -- Opponents of Proposition 56, California’s proposed $2 per pack cigarette tax hike, are flooding radio airwaves with attacks on the measure. The initiative is one of many on the state’s November ballot. Chris Nichols Politifact CA -- 8/26/16

Judge refuses to suspend California's assisted death law -- Riverside County Superior Court Judge Daniel A. Ottolia said the law will remain in effect for now. He also agreed to allow the physicians to pursue their lawsuit claiming the law lacks safeguards to protect against abuse. Julie Watson Associated Press -- 8/26/16

Group seeks court order requiring LA to search for LaBonge records -- A nonprofit group dedicated to First Amendment issues has filed a lawsuit asking a Superior Court judge to order the city of Los Angeles to conduct a search for boxes of files that went missing from the office of former city Councilman Tom LaBonge after he left office last year. KPCC -- 8/26/16

State attorneys reach tentative deal for 14 percent pay bump -- A tentative agreement has been reached between state government’s legal corps and Gov. Jerry Brown. “ Anshu Siripurapu in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 8/26/16

Money and marijuana: Donors with ties to industry give to legalize pot -- A of campaign committees, nonprofits and wealthy individuals has funneled at least $6.6 million so far to the main Yes on 64 campaign committee. The pro-legalization effort involves eight fundraising accounts, at least three of which are linked to corresponding organizations. Among the donors are those with obvious existing ties to the issue who could profit immensely from a legal marijuana marketplace. Christopher Cadelago and Jim Miller in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 8/26/16

Concussions up, high school football participation down -- As high school football teams around the Bay Area kicked off their season this weekend, new statistics show the king of all prep sports, battered by head trauma headlines and parental pressure, is drawing fewer players than it did a decade ago amid a dramatic increase in concussion diagnoses. Matthias Gafni and Joyce Tsai in the San Jose Mercury$ -- 8/26/16

They built towering new cities in China. Now they're trying it in downtown L.A. -- Chinese developers are pouring billions into the area, adding thousands of new residential units in soaring skyscrapers that will fundamentally change the city’s skyline. David Pierson in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/26/16

At Cal State, student homelessness has been hidden until now -- Racing from her last class of the day at Cal State Long Beach, Shellv Candler had about an hour to get to Wilmington. Her mother was trying to save her a bed at the Doors of Hope Women’s Shelter, but curfew was 6:45 sharp. Rosanna Xia in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/26/16

Facing threats, albino sisters granted asylum to attend school in Southern California -- The sisters tried to stay strong all those years of being taunted as “ghosts” for the color of their skin, of being beaten by their teachers — of an attack that almost killed one of them. Anh Do in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/26/16

California Drought Reducing Beach Bacteria -- Reduced runoff has meant fewer health advisories, data show. Daniel Wheaton in the San Diego Union-Tribune$ -- 8/26/16

Police badge deflects bullet in shootout, gunman dies in fiery crash -- A man who shot at Huntington Beach police officers, hitting one officer in the badge, led police on a high-speed chase through three counties before dying in a fiery crash in the Cajon Pass, authorities said. Hailey Branson-Potts in the Los Angeles Times$ Joshua Sudock in the Orange County Register -- 8/26/16

Anti-Terrorism Training Attended By San Diego Sheriff’s Deputies Draws Criticism -- The San Diego County Sheriff's Department this week sent deputies to a two-day symposium intended to prepare law enforcement officers for Islamic terrorist attacks. Andrew Bowen KPBS -- 8/26/16

Horsey: Trump calling Hillary Clinton a bigot is the tactic of a 5-year-old -- Donald Trump has said many crazy things, some quite entertaining, many wildly fantastical and incendiary. Now he may have outdone himself with his charge that Hillary Clinton is a bigot. David Horsey in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 8/26/16

GOP plots early wake-up call for Clinton -- Looking past Election Day, Republicans sketch plan to stymie a President Hillary Clinton agenda. Annie Karni Politico -- 8/26/16

Paul Wolfowitz: 'I might have to vote for Hillary Clinton' -- The former George W. Bush administration official who is often referred to as the “architect” of the Iraq War says he will likely end up voting for Hillary Clinton for president this fall. Louis Nelson Politico -- 8/26/16