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California Policy & Politics This Morning   

California's landmark renewable energy law to be signed on Wednesday -- In a milestone for reducing pollution and fossil fuel use, Gov. Jerry Brown will sign into law Wednesday a bill that requires 50 percent of California's electricity to come from renewable sources like solar and wind by 2030. Paul Rogers and Louis Hansen in the Oakland Tribune -- 10/7/15

Drug companies donate $10 million to oppose California initiative -- It hasn’t qualified for the ballot. And the measure’s implications are so complicated that even the experts at the Legislative Analyst’s Office had a hard time gauging its fiscal effects. Jim Miller in the Sacramento Bee -- 10/7/15

Opponents of assisted death law seek referendum -- One day after a deeply reflective Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation allowing doctors to prescribe lethal drugs to terminally ill patients, opponents of the controversial measure have launched a campaign to overturn the law. Alexei Koseff in the Sacramento Bee Patrick McGreevy in the Los Angeles Times -- 10/7/15

Right-to-die backers say California helps fight elsewhere -- It will soon be legal for the terminally ill to end their own lives in the nation's most populous state, and right-to-die advocates expect other states to follow California's example. Julie Watson Associated Press -- 10/7/15

Bernie Sanders gaining on Hillary Clinton in California -- Hillary Rodham Clinton remains 12 percentage points ahead of the surging Bernie Sanders, according to a new Field Poll, but her support among likely Democratic voters in California has plummeted. David Siders in the Sacramento Bee Kurtis Alexander in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 10/7/15

Prop 49 Battle Reaches California Supreme Court -- Local governments in California often seek voters’ opinions on non-binding advisory measures. But can the state Legislature do the same thing? The California Supreme Court heard oral arguments on that question Tuesday. Ben Adler Capital Public Radio -- 10/7/15

Gov. Jerry Brown approves new limits on paparazzi drones -- After rejecting other limits on drone use, Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Tuesday to expand privacy protections to prevent paparazzi from flying drones over private property. Chris Megerian in the Los Angeles Times -- 10/7/15

The latest on legislation signed by California Gov. Jerry Brown -- Associated Press -- 10/7/15

Nevada pays San Francisco for 'patient dumping' scheme -- San Francisco residents wonder why the city streets are home to so many lost and forlorn mentally ill drifters. Now there’s a documented reason: Nevada callously shipped its unwanted psychiatric patients here to be rid of them. The item is in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 10/7/15

California borrowing ratio down, still among highest -- California’s debt load equals an estimated 6.79 percent of the state’s general fund for the current budget year, the lowest level since the depths of the recession, according to the latest debt-affordability report from state Treasurer John Chiang. Jim Miller in the Sacramento Bee -- 10/7/15

Judge strikes down San Francisco eviction law -- San Francisco’s latest attempt to make landlords pay relocation costs for tenants they evict when the property owners go out of the rental business has hit another judicial roadblock. Bob Egelko in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 10/7/15

California's high court appears ready to allow voters to weigh in on Citizens United -- The California Supreme Court appeared ready Tuesday to allow the Legislature to ask voters their view of a controversial U.S. Supreme Court ruling that expanded corporate and union spending in federal elections. Maura Dolan in the Los Angeles Times -- 10/7/15

Counties Awash in Mental Health Money Amid Oversight Concerns -- In 2004, when California voters said yes to a ballot initiative that taxes millionaires to fund mental health services, they were told there would be strict state oversight of the spending. Nick Gerda VoiceofOC.org -- 10/7/15

Walters: Does early education truly help? -- The New America Foundation urges California in a new report to spend more on training and paying pre-kindergarten teachers. Dan Walters in the Sacramento Bee -- 10/7/15

Berkeley councilman to donate real estate fee to charity after conflict of interest was raised -- A city council member who helped the police chief buy a home after voting to loan him $500,000 in public funds said Monday he will now donate the money he received from the deal to an unspecified charity. Thomas Peele in the Oakland Tribune -- 10/7/15

More transparency coming for referendums -- Groups sponsoring or fighting against referendum campaigns in San Diego, where such efforts have become increasingly common and divisive in recent years, must disclose their funding sources more quickly and completely under new city rules approved Tuesday. David Garrick in the San Diego Union-Tribune$ -- 10/7/15

Ex-sheriff’s new gig with smart gun startup triggers ethics concerns -- Amid the ongoing debate over officer-involved shootings, the county sheriff’s office in this California beach town was the first law enforcement agency in the world to test new technology: a tiny sensor that records any time a deputy’s gun is fired. Matt Drange Center for Investigative Reporting -- 10/7/15

Strickland forms super PAC with focus on defense -- Former state senator and two-time congressional candidate Tony Strickland of Moorpark will announce today the formation of a political advocacy group and super PAC to be called the Strong America PAC, for which he will serve as president and CEO. Timm Herdt 95 Percent Accurate Blog -- 10/7/15

Herdt: If Trump could play by Schwarzenegger's rules -- The scene at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum last month evoked a sense of déjà vu for anyone who has been following political events in California for very long. Timm Herdt in the Ventura Star$ -- 10/7/15

Taxes, Fees, Rates, Tolls     

In San Francisco talk, Brown says he won’t fight Prop. 13 battle again -- Gov. Jerry Brown, who loudly opposed California’s landmark Prop. 13 property tax reform his first time in office, isn’t about to refight that battle, he told a national real estate group Tuesday evening. John Wildermuth in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 10/7/15

Economy, Employers, Jobs, Unions, Pensions      

Facing their own deadline, owners offer diverging views on how to return NFL to L.A. -- Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones emerged from NFL headquarters Tuesday with an unmistakable message. He's ready to get Los Angeles done. Sam Farmer in the Los Angeles Times -- 10/7/15

California minimum wage measure seeks to tap into income inequality worries -- Proponents of a statewide ballot measure to raise California’s minimum wage signaled Tuesday that their effort will seize on unrest over income distribution and frame the wage debate as one of fairness. Christopher Cadelago in the Sacramento Bee -- 10/7/15

California state scientists reject Jerry Brown’s contract offer -- California’s state scientists have resoundingly rejected a new contract with Gov. Jerry Brown that would have given them a total 15 percent in salary increases over three years but included a new requirement that they begin contributing toward retiree health benefits. Jon Ortiz in the Sacramento Bee -- 10/7/15

Study: No fracking bonanza for California's Monterey Shale -- A U.S. Geological Survey report out Tuesday downgrades the fracking potential of California's vast Monterey Shale oil deposits. The study is the latest to lower a 2011 federal energy estimate that billed the Monterey Shale as a game-changer for U.S. oil, with what was then estimated at 13.7 billion barrels of recoverable oil overall. Ellen Knickneyer Associated Press -- 10/7/15

Jerry Brown signs bill broadening equal pay protections -- Gov. Jerry Brown, lamenting “inequities that have plagued our state and have burdened women forever,” signed legislation Tuesday enacting pay equity laws that are among the strongest in the nation. David Siders in the Sacramento Bee Patrick McGreevy and Chris Megerian in the Los Angeles Times Juliet Williams Associated Press John Wildermuth in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 10/7/15

California minimum wage measure seeks to capitalize on income inequality -- Proponents of a statewide ballot measure to raise California’s minimum wage signaled Tuesday that their effort will seize on unrest over income distribution and frame the wage debate as one of fairness. Christopher Cadelago in the Sacramento Bee -- 10/7/15

New public pension proposals target future employees -- A group seeking to alter California’s state and local public pensions said Monday that it is filing two new ballot proposals, hoping to put one of them before voters next year. Jon Ortiz in the Sacramento Bee -- 10/7/15

San Jose looks to future development amid failed A's stadium project -- After losing a long and winding legal fight to bring baseball to the heart of downtown, San Jose leaders appear to be abandoning their quest for a stadium and are turning their focus to new development prospects in the highly coveted area around the proposed ballpark site. Ramona Giwargis in the San Jose Mercury$ -- 10/7/15

LinkedIn agrees to pay $13 million in 'spam' settlement -- LinkedIn Corp. has agreed to pay $13 million to settle a class-action lawsuit alleging that the social network sent too many emails to potential connections without members' consent. Samantha Masunaga in the Los Angeles Times -- 10/7/15

Agency targets the fine print preventing customers from joining class actions -- The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said Wednesday that it was considering sweeping new regulations that would ban arbitration clauses that block customers from joining class-action lawsuits. Jim Puzzanghera in the Los Angeles Times -- 10/7/15

DMV’s potty break dispute -- A squabble between staff and management at a Sacramento DMV call center has broken out over a policy that deducts employees’ leave time or docks pay when a toilet trip takes more than seven minutes, according to grievances filed by SEIU Local 1000. Jon Ortiz in the Sacramento Bee -- 10/7/15

Where are the jobs? Construction, health care, staffing companies top the list -- In the depths of the recession, many recruiters just stopped coming to Cal State Fullerton and other local universities. Hannah Madans and Margot Roosevelt in the Orange County Register -- 10/7/15

Silicon Valley property owners split lots--neighbors not happy -- The housing shortage in the Silicon Valley is leading to a new trend called "lot-splitting," in which property owners are building two, three, even four homes on pieces of land where there used to be only one. Amy Graff in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 10/7/15


California’s federal reservoirs even lower than last year -- In the latest indicator of the severity of the drought, the federal government’s main reservoirs serving California have begun the new “water year” at just a quarter full and in worse shape than last year. Dale Kasler in the Sacramento Bee -- 10/7/15


Backers of new sex-ed law see step forward in safety, tolerance -- California kids will get one of the most rounded educations on sex and sexuality in the country under new legislation that advocates called a victory in providing information that could prevent disease and teen pregnancy as well as sex-based violence and prejudice. Jill Tucker in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 10/7/15

California poised to grant high school diplomas retroactively -- Never mind. That is what the state of California is poised to tell between 40,000 and 150,000 students who for nearly a decade may have been denied a high school diploma because they failed to pass the California High School Exit Exam, or CAHSEE. Louis Freedberg EdSource -- 10/7/15

Head Start parents in California step up to teach their kids math -- One of Cindy Darden’s favorite parts of the day is when she picks up her 3-year-old daughter Kailey at a Head Start center in Glendale and hears what she has to say. Michael Collier EdSource -- 10/7/15


State OKs burying nuclear waste at beach -- State regulators have approved a controversial plan to bury nuclear waste in concrete bunkers within 125 feet of a seawall and the beach at the shuttered San Onofre nuclear power plant. Morgan Lee in the San Diego Union-Tribune$ -- 10/7/15

Dianne Feinstein opens campaign for desert monument designations -- After years of battling to expand federal protection of the California desert but getting nowhere in Congress, Sen. Dianne Feinstein is opening a public campaign to get President Obama to use his authority under the Antiquities Act to designate three new national monuments in the Mojave Desert. Carolyn Lochhead in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 10/7/15


California foster care: New laws signed to restrict psychiatric drugs -- California's 63,000 foster youth will be better protected from potentially dangerous psychiatric drugs now administered at alarming rates in the nation's largest child welfare system, under a package of reform bills signed into law Tuesday. Karen de Sá in the San Jose Mercury$ -- 10/7/15

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Woman punched by CHP officer arrested again on same freeway -- A woman captured on video last year being punched repeatedly by a California Highway Patrol officer on the 10 Freeway was arrested Tuesday and taken in for a mental health evaluation after she ventured into traffic on the same stretch of roadway, CHP officials said. Richard Winton in the Los Angeles Times -- 10/7/15

Have you seen a shotgun like this? It vanished from a deputy's patrol car in Compton -- A shotgun loaded with beanbags but capable of firing lethal rounds went missing from a patrol car in Compton over the weekend, and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is seeking the public’s help to find it. Lauren Raab in the Los Angeles Times -- 10/7/15

Illegal street racers could lose cars under new L.A. law -- Seeking to crack down on illegal street racing, Los Angeles lawmakers moved Tuesday to allow police to auction or destroy cars seized after deadly road races. Dakota Smith the Los Angeles Daily News$ -- 10/7/15

Amid craft beer boom, new law loosens social media rules for breweries, wineries -- A new state law is loosening the rules on what distilleries, wineries and breweries can post on social media. Annie Sciacca San Francisco Business Times -- 10/7/15


Valley execs back Kevin McCarthy — despite mixed tech record -- House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy has courted Silicon Valley for more than a decade, ever since he was a no-name state legislator from Bakersfield. Joe Garofoli in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 10/7/15

Even if Kevin McCarthy wins his battle for House speaker, he could look weaker -- The job of House speaker is still Rep. Kevin McCarthy's to lose, but even if he overcomes a last-minute challenge from a conservative rival, the California Republican will take the gavel as a weakened leader. Lisa Mascaro in the Los Angeles Times -- 10/7/15

McCarthy’s pitch to conservatives: ‘I’m not John Boehner’ -- McCarthy is expected to easily win the nomination for Speaker when House Republicans hold a closed-door vote Thursday. But he’s having a tougher time winning over some of the conservative hard-liners he needs to secure 218 votes in a roll call of the entire House set for Oct. 29. Scott Wong The Hill -- 10/7/15

McCarthy in command -- More than 200 Republicans have committed to supporting him for speaker, according to multiple sources familiar with his operation. Jake Sherman, Anna Palmer and John Bresnahan Politico -- 10/7/15

House Conservatives Pose a Hurdle for Kevin McCarthy’s Rise to Speaker -- The conservative hard-liners whose demands led to the resignation of Speaker John Boehner last month have been called a lot of things—the “hell no” caucus, the “shutdown” caucus and even “the crazies,” as one of their fellow Republicans put it. Siobhan Hughes in the Wall Street Journal$ -- 10/7/15

Clinton's GOP rivals questioned her accomplishments - so she sent them a copy of her book -- "I understand that you and your fellow Republican candidates for president were questioning my record of accomplishments at your last debate, so I thought you might enjoy reading my book." Anne Gearan in the Washington Post -- 10/7/15