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Jerry Brown has stern words, flash drives for Republicans challenging climate rules -- Continuing to lambaste climate change skeptics as he prepares to attend a global climate summit in Paris, Gov. Jerry Brown on Wednesday chided the attorneys general of Texas and West Virginia for seeking to convey to world leaders their opposition to new federal emissions rules. Jeremy B. White in the Sacramento Bee Chris Jennewein Times of San Diego -- 11/25/15

Super PACs for candidates can enrich consultants -- Before he entered the race for the White House, Ben Carson signed on to a campaign to raise money to fight Obamacare. When Juanita McMillon saw his name, she was eager to get out her checkbook. Joseph Tanfani and Maloy Moore in the Los Angeles Times -- 11/25/15

Gun used to kill Oakland muralist traced to ICE agents’ car -- A federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer’s gun — stolen from his rental car in San Francisco — was used 16 days later in the Oakland slaying of a popular muralist, authorities confirmed Wednesday. Jaxon Van Derbeken in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 11/25/15

California demands fixes for 16,000 more VW cars -- California air quality regulators on Wednesday demanded a recall of up to 16,000 additional Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche diesels as the Volkswagen emissions scandal widened. Associated Press -- 11/25/15

Moreno Valley leaders OK initiatives in favor of 40-million-square-foot warehouse project -- Moreno Valley city leaders on Tuesday voted to adopt measures that would help insulate a 40-million-square-foot warehouse project from environmental legal challenges. Paloma Esquivel in the Los Angeles Times -- 11/25/15

L.A. County supervisors choose Mitch Katz to head health agency -- Los Angeles County supervisors have officially announced that Dr. Mitch Katz, who heads the county hospital system, will run a new health super-agency that contains the hospital system and the departments of mental health and public health. Abby Sewell in the Los Angeles Times -- 11/25/15

California road suddenly buckles creating roadway mess -- A stretch of road suddenly buckled last week in Santa Clarita, Calif. Within a period of only three hours Vasquez Canyon Road became undriveable with hills and massive cracks. The upheaval of soil also disrupted power lines that are now leaning haphazardly over the roadway. Amy Graff in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 11/25/15

Billionaire Sumner Redstone unable to make decisions, says lawsuit by ex-girlfriend -- bitter battle to control the fortune of ailing billionaire Sumner Redstone escalated Wednesday when the media mogul's ex-girlfriend filed a lawsuit alleging that he is mentally impaired and unable to make decisions. Meg James in the Los Angeles Times -- 11/25/15

Cellphones make a comeback in the classroom, with teachers' support -- Farinas wanted to flip the script: Rather than reprimanding her students for using their phones, she wanted to put them to work as a learning tool. She is among a growing number of teachers who are instructing students to use their phones to conduct research, listen to music, calculate math problems or photograph assignments. Daniela Gerson in the Los Angeles Times -- 11/25/15

Abcarian: The inevitable legalization of pot sets off a new California Gold Rush -- Robert Gaither is a 39-year-old former salesman, a teddy bear of a guy with a full brown beard that makes him look a little like a mountain man. Robin Abcarian in the Los Angeles Times -- 11/25/15



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El Dorado County schools chief gets $125,000 to resign after two DUI arrests -- In exchange for stepping down Nov. 14, Meyers will receive a lump sum payment equal to his salary through June 2016 – $114,821 – minus taxes and other withholding items, according to a copy of the agreement obtained late Monday through a Public Records Act request. Diana Lambert in the Sacramento Bee -- 11/25/15

L.A.'s 'soft targets' draw more scrutiny in the wake of Paris attacks -- In addition to protecting famous attractions, authorities say they need to focus more on lesser-known gathering places where a few terrorists could carry out a devastating attack. Corina Knoll, Richard Winton and Kate Mather in the Los Angeles Times -- 11/25/15

Holiday travel surge not expected to dim with terror alert -- Bay Area travelers took to the roads, the rails and the sky to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, fueled by low gas prices and mostly undeterred by a worldwide travel alert issued by the U.S. State Department in the wake of the Islamic State attacks in France. Michael Cabanatuan in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 11/25/15

California tourism groups worried about changes to visa program -- The head of a group representing California tourism organizations says she is concerned that the state’s more than $117-billion annual tourism industry could be hurt by a plan to change a visa program following the Paris terror attacks. Sarah D. Wire in the Los Angeles Times -- 11/25/15

Amid drought, San Diego faces the opposite problem: too much water -- Unlike other parts of California, San Diego has 99% of the water needed for normal usage. Morgan Cook in the Los Angeles Times -- 11/25/15

Police arrest 4 men suspected of destroying dam during drought -- The mystery of the missing 50 million gallons of East Bay water is over, authorities say. Police in Fremont arrested four men who they say slashed an inflatable rubber dam along Alameda Creek in May and sent a portion of the area’s drinking water supply downstream. Kurtis Alexander in the San Francisco Chronicle Matt Hamilton in the Los Angeles Times George Kelly in the Oakland Tribune$ -- 11/25/15

USC faculty files union paperwork -- USC faculty filed paperwork Tuesday to hold union elections, a move that administrators have warned could lead to increased hostility on campus. The non-tenure track professors were organized by Service Employees International Union Local 721, which represents bargaining units in Los Angeles and the county. Jason Song in the Los Angeles Times -- 11/25/15

Lopez: L.A. official understands homelessness as policymaker, concerned citizen -- It happened on many occasions. Mr. Santana would come out of his apartment in downtown Los Angeles and see the woman in her usual spot, not far from Pershing Square. Steve Lopez in the Los Angeles Times -- 11/25/15

California GOP consultant Rob Stutzman helped sink Vitter in Louisiana -- Rob Stutzman, a Republican political consultant based in Sacramento, played a key role in the defeat of Republican U.S. Sen. David Vitter’s bid for the governorship of Louisiana last week. Dan Walters in the Sacramento Bee -- 11/25/15

Gas company criticized for uncontrolled methane leak near Porter Ranch -- Air quality officials have cited Southern California Gas Co. officials over a month-long gas leak that has been sickening residents in the San Fernando Valley community of Porter Ranch, and county supervisors sharply criticized the utility Tuesday over the issue. Abby Sewell in the Los Angeles Times -- 11/25/15

Have costs dropped 'several hundred million dollars' for California’s bullet train? -- California’s high-speed rail plan is perhaps best known for its sky-high cost estimates, which at one point spiked to $98 billion. Chris Nichols Politifact CA -- 11/25/15

Democrats censure Anaheim Councilman Brandman -- Democratic Anaheim City Councilman and congressional candidate Jordan Brandman has been reprimanded by the county Democratic Party for his decisive vote to put the city’s new Latino majority district council seat before voters in 2018 rather than next year. Martin Wisckol in the Orange County Register -- 11/25/15

California reaches $1 million settlement with maker of robotic cleaners -- The Sacramento-based California Energy Commission has approved a $1 million settlement with iRobot Corp., maker of robotic vacuum cleaners, including the Roomba. Mark Glover in the Sacramento Bee -- 11/25/15

Willie Mays receives Medal of Freedom from President Obama -- Mays didn’t speak during the ceremonies, but the nation’s first black president recounted what he had said to Mays in an earlier conversation, that it is “because of giants like Mays, (that) someone like me could even think about running for president.” Carolyn Lochhead in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 11/25/15

Daily fantasy sports: skill or luck? -- It’s an iconic American pastime: kicking back on the couch with junk food, beer, and friends to watch your team play on a weekend afternoon. But like most things, the internet has added a new dimension to this hobby. Alex Matthews Capitol Weekly -- 11/25/15

The talk of the Web: How The New Yorker grew its digital audience by focusing on quality -- “The main strategy for growing audience is to publish more, better stories,” Thompson said. “The most encouraging thing we found is that the stories we’re prouder of, the stories we put more effort into, attract more readers.” Benjamin Mullin Poynter. -- 11/25/15

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Worker pay only small part of water rate hikes -- Some critics of sharp water rate hikes San Diego approved last week complained that much of the new revenue would be devoted to employee pay, but city officials say that’s not true. David Garrick in the San Diego Union-Tribune$ -- 11/25/15

Lazarus: Average taxes on wireless bills in California reach a record 18% -- The bad news: Average federal, state and local taxes and fees for California customers reached a record 18%, meaning that the government's slice of your wireless bill is now at least twice as high as the state sales tax imposed on most other goods and services. David Lazarus in the Los Angeles Times -- 11/25/15

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Ruling boosts San Diego’s stadium case to NFL -- San Diego’s case to the NFL that it’s capable of building a new Chargers stadium was strengthened by a state appeals court ruling that the city can continue using its preferred method of financing infrastructure projects. David Garrick in the San Diego Union-Tribune$ -- 11/25/15

CalPERS paid $3.4 billion in private equity bonuses since 1990 -- In a much-anticipated disclosure, the California Public Employees’ Retirement System said it paid $3.4 billion in performance fees to its private equity managers since 1990 while the controversial sector generated $24.2 billion in profits for retirees. Dean Starkman in the Los Angeles Times Dale Kasler in the Sacramento Bee Ben Bradford Capital Public Radio -- 11/25/15

California politicians seek potential disaster relief for crab industry -- A California congressional delegation urged Gov. Jerry Brown Tuesday to be ready to declare a state of disaster if the commercial crab season is closed for the rest of the winter, a scenario that could cost local fishers around $60 million in lost revenue. Peter Fimrite in the San Francisco Chronicle Josh Richman Political Blotter -- 11/25/15

Tough Marijuana Rules In San Diego Fuel Boom In Delivery Services -- San Diego's strict zoning regulations, passed nearly two decades after California legalized medical marijuana, have made it difficult for storefront dispensaries to find places to operate. Those conditions have led to a boom in a less visible, less regulated sector of the pot industry: medical marijuana delivery services. Andrew Bowen KPBS -- 11/25/15

California bill would require double pay on Thanksgiving -- As Californians start brining birds and mashing potatoes, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, D-San Diego, is again hoping to dish out meatier wages for Thanksgiving workers. Jeremy B. White in the Sacramento Bee -- 11/25/15

Even after release, California convicts contend with digital trail -- Visitors to the 1998 California state fair were treated to demonstrations of a novel criminal justice tool: a computer that allowed them to look up information about registered sex offenders. Nearly two decades later, the novelty has vanished. Jeremy B. White in the Sacramento Bee -- 11/25/15

Feds revising wary stance on self-driving cars -- Federal transportation officials are rethinking their position on self-driving cars with an eye toward getting the emerging technology into the public's hands. Justin Pritchard Associated Press -- 11/25/15


El Niño bringing California a big snow season -- The last two years of drought have been tough for Lincoln Kauffman and others in the Northern California skiing business. Joseph Serna and Veronica Rocha in the Los Angeles Times -- 11/25/15


‘White Student Union’ Groups Set Off Concerns at Campuses -- The emergence of “White Student Union” Facebook groups claiming links to more than 30 universities has caused alarm among students and education officials, although the authenticity of many of the pages is being questioned. Daniel Victor in the New York Times$ -- 11/25/15

USC faculty moves ahead with union election plan, despite warning of increased hostility -- USC’s adjunct and part-time faculty filed paperwork Tuesday to hold union elections, a move that supporters say will lead to improved working conditions but administrators have warned could lead to less collegiality on campus. Jason Song in the Los Angeles Times -- 11/25/15

Report finds 6th-grade science texts inaccurate on causes of climate change -- As California Gov. Jerry Brown joins world leaders in Paris next week after several months of campaigning to curb climate change around the world, many middle schools in his state are using science textbooks that are inaccurate on the subject, according to a new report from Stanford University this week. Michael Collier EdSource -- 11/25/15


Rewire: SoCal Gas' Aliso Canyon Leak a Disaster For Climate -- Those of us Californians who have gone to a lot of trouble to reduce our climate change footprint ought to be mighty peeved at the Southern California Gas Company right now: that corporation has just undone a huge amount of our hard work, significantly raising the state's emissions of a dangerous greenhouse gas. Chris Clarke KCET -- 11/25/15


Trump rallies get rough -- Protesters and supporters increasingly mix it up in the most combustible atmosphere on the campaign trail. Ben Schreckinger Politico -- 11/25/15

It’s not just Donald Trump: Half of Republicans share his views on immigrants and refugees -- Data from the latest Washington Post-ABC News national poll suggest those two issues — immigrants and refugees — differentiate Trump supporters from other Republicans. The numbers also show how linked those issues are for Republican voters this year and how they entwine with voters' preference for an outsider candidate who will bring change to Washington. Jim Tankersley and Scott Clement in the Washington Post -- 11/25/15

Rubio budget win is dealing heavy blow to ObamaCare -- Sen. Marco Rubio may have dealt the biggest blow in the GOP’s five-year war against ObamaCare. A 2014 budget measure inspired by the Florida senator and presidential hopeful is pushing some insurers to drop out of the ObamaCare exchanges, experts say. Sarah Ferris The Hill -- 11/25/15

Why government and tech can't agree about encryption -- Your phone is getting better and better at protecting your privacy. But Uncle Sam isn't totally comfortable with that, because it's also complicating the work of tracking criminals and potential national-security threats. Bree Fowler and Tami Abdollah Associated Press -- 11/25/15