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These Hollywood stars are crisscrossing California in an RV for Bernie Sanders -- California is a sprawling state. And Hollywood actress Shailene Woodley, a die-hard Bernie Sanders supporter, had access to a motor home. Kate Linthicum in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 5/28/16

On the stump, Bernie Sanders makes pitch for legal pot in California -- For Californians resolved to one day entering a dispensary and purchasing pre-rolled joints or marijuana-infused cookies — all for recreational use — a high-profile ally who lives 3,000 miles away has emerged. Kurtis Lee in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 5/28/16

Initiative legalizing recreational marijuana in California is on track, but opposition's growing -- A growing number of public safety groups are speaking out against legalization. And there’s still division over the complex initiative among members of the state’s diverse marijuana industry, which has taken root over the 20 years since use of medical cannabis use was legalized. Brooke Edwards Staggs in the Orange County Register -- 5/28/16

Trump praises police for handling 'thugs' in San Diego; 35 arrested -- San Diego police arrested 35 people Friday during protests that followed Donald Trump’s rally here, drawing praise from the presidential candidate on Twitter. Richard Marosi and Debbi Baker in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 5/28/16

Trump’s rhetoric prompts Mexican pushback -- Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s proposals for mass deportations, for a continuous wall on the U.S. southern border, and for rolling back the North American Free Trade Agreement have been stirring alarm in Mexico. Now President Enrique Peña Nieto’s administration is pushing back, with a new campaign that aims to highlight the value of strong cross-border ties. Sandra Dibble in the San Diego Union-Tribune$ -- 5/28/16

Trump defends Trump U in San Diego -- Apparent Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump spent several minutes at his San Diego rally on Friday criticizing the plaintiffs and judge in a federal lawsuit against his defunct real estate university. Jeff McDonald in the San Diego Union-Tribune$ -- 5/28/16

Are Bill Dodd and Mariko Yamada headed for a November faceoff? -- With an overwhelming registration advantage, it’s almost certain that a Democrat will succeed termed-out Sen. Lois Wolk, D-Davis, in the 3rd California Senate District this November. But which one? And could it be decided by the upcoming June primary? Alexei Koseff in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 5/28/16

Good news: Trees and other foliage have regrown, despite drought -- Over the past year, scientists have studied California’s trees from the air, the ground and even using X-ray technology. Matt Stevens in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 5/28/16

Why over-the-counter birth control could actually lead to more unwanted pregnancies -- Women in California who don’t want to wait to get birth control prescriptions from their doctors can now purchase their pills, patches, rings and shots directly from pharmacists. Sarah Elizabeth Richards in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 5/28/16

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State official asked utility if it wanted help to quash order over gas leak -- A California oil and gas official offered to try to get the governor’s office to quash an air pollution control order for the utility responsible for a massive gas leak, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press Brian Melly Associated Press -- 5/28/16

Senate Republican priority bills shelved on deadline day -- California Senate Republicans, a resilient lot that two years ago recovered from near obscurity, this year offered up a package of 11 priority proposals, pitching the legislation as a way to lift up the state’s most vulnerable and downtrodden. Christopher Cadelago in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 5/28/16

Days Before Primary, Many Voters Realize Their Ballots Don’t Have Presidential Candidates -- A lot of voters with no party preference who were hoping to cast ballots in California’s June 7 Democratic presidential primary could be in for an unwelcome surprise if they don’t act fast. Katie Orr KQED -- 5/28/16

North Coast marijuana growers fear a takeover by 'Big Alcohol' -- For the Humboldt farmers, Sonoma County's subterranean tasting rooms and Tuscan affectations offered a glimpse into a rarefied realm of legal intoxicants. Joe Mozingo in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 5/28/16

Hahn to return funds from businessman fined in campaign money-laundering case -- A representative for U.S. Rep. Janice Hahn said Friday that her campaign will return $1,500 from a businessman fined in a campaign money-laundering case at Los Angeles City Hall. David Zahniser in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 5/28/16

Kevin Faulconer quietly recedes from governor’s race he never joined -- San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, among the state’s highest-ranking Republicans, has been credited with fashioning a template for how to win in a Democratic city. Christopher Cadelago in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 5/28/16

LAFD inspectors accuse supervisors of cutting corners, ignoring fire hazards -- A group of senior Los Angeles Fire Department inspectors says the agency has put the public at risk by cutting corners in a frantic effort to clear a backlog of thousands of large buildings overdue for safety reviews. Paul Pringle and Ben Welsh in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 5/28/16

L.A. will convert motel units to 500 apartments for homeless vets -- The city of Los Angeles has approved a deal for nonprofit and private developers to convert “nuisance" motels into 500 permanent supportive apartments for homeless veterans. Gale Holland in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 5/28/16

Coroner releases autopsies of San Bernardino terror victims: 'The room was in disarray' -- The scene inside the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino hours after the deadliest terrorist attack since 9/11 still had the hallmarks of the holiday festivities that brought the victims together and the bloodshed that followed. Sarah Parvini and Joseph Serna in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 5/28/16

How would bankruptcy help — or hurt — Beaumont? -- Beaumont has a few things in common with San Bernardino and Stockton, which filed for bankruptcy in 2012. Imran Ghori in the Los Angeles Daily News$ -- 5/28/16

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San Francisco Bay: $12 parcel tax for wetlands has big financial backers -- When environmentalists wade into political contests, they're almost always outspent by big business. But that's not the case with Measure AA, a $12 annual parcel tax that will appear on the June 7 ballot in all nine Bay Area counties to fund wetlands restoration and flood control projects around San Francisco Bay's shoreline. Paul Rogers in the San Jose Mercury$ -- 5/28/16

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Are 365 by Whole Foods' automated kiosks the future for grocery stores? -- This week Whole Foods opened its first younger, hipper and cheaper brand in Silver Lake, 365 by Whole Foods. Dubbed a "chain for millennials," the store replaces many human workers with robots and computerized kiosks, something that will likely become increasingly common as labor costs rise and California moves towards a $15 minimum wage by 2022. Ben Bergman KPCC -- 5/28/16


SoCal Gas says its blown-out well released less methane than the state estimates -- Southern California Gas Company has made public its calculation of how much methane escaped from its ruptured well near Porter Ranch, and it's less than what state experts have estimated. Sharon McNary KPCC -- 5/28/16

Los Angeles braces for possible coyote wars in response to bid to change city policy -- Summer could see a new eruption of coyote wars as Los Angeles, a city that hasn’t trapped or euthanized the wild animals since 1994, prepares to tackle an issue that can be counted on to inspire passionate debate. Donna Littlejohn in the Los Angeles Daily News$ -- 5/28/16


Warnings about mosquitoes deepen for Californians as Zika concerns grow -- State health officials urged the public on Friday to take precautions against mosquito bites this holiday weekend and beyond, especially since the threat of the Zika virus spreading into the United States has grown. Susan Abram in the Los Angeles Daily News$ -- 5/28/16


On the stump, Bernie Sanders makes pitch for legal pot in California -- For Californians resolved to one day entering a dispensary and purchasing pre-rolled joints or marijuana-infused cookies — all for recreational use — a high-profile ally who lives 3,000 miles away has emerged. Kurtis Lee in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 5/28/16

In San Diego, Trump shames local ‘Mexican’ judge as protesters storm streets -- As hundreds of protesters outside his rally here Friday afternoon chanted obscenities, waved Mexican flags and clashed with police, Donald Trump reveled on stage in the drama his candidacy has created. Jenna Johnson and Philip Rucker in the Washington Post$ -- 5/28/16

San Diego police, anti-Donald Trump protesters clash amid violence -- San Diego police broke up a rowdy demonstration Friday afternoon after protesters refused to disperse at the end of a Donald Trump rally. Richard Marosi, Debbi Baker, David Garrick and Robin Abcarian in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 5/28/16

Trump tells California 'there is no drought' -- Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told California voters Friday that he can solve their water crisis, declaring, "There is no drought." Jill Colvin and Ellen Knickmeyer Associated Press Michael Finnegan and Kurtis Lee in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 5/28/16

Trump belittles Clinton, whips Fresno crowd into frenzy -- It was a visit, Trump told a raucous but smaller-than-expected Selland Arena crowd, that he didn’t have to make. After all, he is now all but assured the GOP presidential nomination. John Ellis in the Fresno Bee -- 5/28/16