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Twenty years after Prop. 187, attitudes toward illegal immigration have changed dramatically in California -- The hard-nosed feelings Californians harbored toward illegal immigrants just 20 years ago have softened a great deal; today a plurality backs President Obama taking executive action to protect millions from deportation. Josh Richman and David E. Early in the San Jose Mercury$ -- 11/23/14

Twist of fate excludes many from Obama's immigration plan -- Thousands who have been deported in just the last couple of years will not be able to rejoin their families in the U.S. under the new policy, even though they otherwise meet the qualifications. Tracy Wilkinson, Cecilia Sanchez in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 11/23/14

Outside money talked in legislative races this month -- Campaigns for state contests on the Nov. 4 ballot featured more than $50.6 million in outside spending by oil companies, unions and trade groups in the months before the election, with almost $33 million of that spent in races for the Assembly and state Senate, according to the latest state filings. Jim Miller in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 11/23/14

Garcetti's high-tech, innovation agenda faces old-school hurdles -- With painted brick walls, exposed pipes and laptop workstations shaped like pingpong paddles, the workspace known as Hub LA in downtown's trendy Arts District embodies the disruptive, start-up ethos. Soumya Karlamangla in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 11/23/14

Ex-Assembly Speaker Bob Hertzberg heads to Senate with long-term goals -- The first surprise on a tour of Bob Hertzberg's new house in Van Nuys is the ice cream parlor, with the former state Assembly speaker's nickname on a neon sign: "Huggy's Soda Fountain." Michael Finnegan in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 11/23/14

Morain: Big data, big money collide with privacy -- On June 12, Technet, a trade group that lobbies on almost any privacy legislation that affects Silicon Valley interests, spent $1,938 to cover food and drinks at DeVere’s Irish Pub. That’s pocket change in today’s politics. Dan Morain in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 11/23/14

Walters: California’s ‘comeback’ is still spotty --As he sought re-election to his fourth and last term as governor this year, Jerry Brown crowed about a “California comeback” after weathering the worst recession since the Great Depression. Dan Walters in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 11/23/14

Saunders: Tuition hikes at the University of Compensation -- UC Regent Richard Blum confessed that he was “apoplectic” at the Board of Regents meeting Wednesday. Debra J. Saunders in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 11/23/14

Billionaire tech disrupter Sean Parker shakes up politics -- Billionaire venture capitalist Sean Parker loves to shake up calcified industries. His file-sharing company Napster knee-capped the recording world, transforming how people consume music. A decade ago, he was Facebook’s first president in its aggressive early years. Joe Garofoli in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 11/23/14

Pay for CalPERS board members varies widely -- Over the years, longtime CalPERS board member Priya Mathur has drawn widely varying amounts for her service. One year she received $18,500. Last year, it was $118,900. Jon Ortiz in the Sacramento Bee$ -- 11/23/14

Cyclists faulted most in bike-car crashes -- When a state law in September required drivers to stay 3 feet from bicyclists while passing, a heated debate erupted over sharing the road, namely whether it was motorists or cyclists who were most to blame for crashes between cars and bikes. Lyndsay Winkley UT San Diego$ -- 11/23/14

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Few signs of summer’s earthquake in Napa, Vallejo -- Napa’s mayor has a wisecrack she likes to sling when strangers ask how her city is doing three months after a 6.0 earthquake hammered its way through the tony little downtown, spraying glass shards and toppling walls from one end to the other. “I said back then that our earthquake exhibit would be up for a limited period of time,” said Mayor Jill Techel. She was right. Kevin Fagan in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 11/23/14

BART’s Oakland Airport shuttle gets rave reviews -- BART’s new Oakland airport service got off to a wet start Saturday — with crews forced to squeegee off rain that had blown in and flooded the airport station platform — but nothing could dampen the enthusiasm of its jubilant first-day riders. Jaxon Van Derbeken in the San Francisco Chronicle -- 11/23/14


Student sit-in continues at UC Berkeley over tuition hikes -- A student sit-in protesting tuition hikes at the University of California continued at UC Berkeley's Wheeler Hall for the third day Saturday, while others planned to make a peaceful presence felt at the football game between Cal and Stanford. Rong-Gong Lin II in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 11/23/14


Drought revives 'forgotten art' at wineries: Farming without irrigation -- The gnarled zinfandel grapevines on Rich Czapleski's land have borne fruit for more than 100 years, producing dark, intense wines that exemplify the special growing conditions in this coveted winemaking region. David Pierson in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 11/23/14


L.A. will host Chinese, U.S. summit to launch carbon emissions cuts -- Following up on last week's U.S.-China climate change agreement, Mayor Eric Garcetti said Friday he would invite leaders of Chinese and American cities to a summit in Los Angeles next year to kick-start efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions in both countries. Julie Makinen in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 11/23/14


Immigration overhaul could boost Latino enrollment in Obamacare -- President Obama's new immigration overhaul could increase Latino enrollment under his signature health law by reducing the threat of deportation and making more Californians comfortable signing up for coverage they already qualify to get. Chad Terhune, Eryn Brown in the Los Angeles Times$ -- 11/23/14

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How L.A.’s Wild Quinoa Can Help Fight Global Food Shortages -- By now you’ve probably heard of quinoa, the protein-packed grain that’s becoming a staple on restaurant menus. Your default might be to head to Whole Foods to buy it. But if you live in Los Angeles, you can just grab some from the side of the road. Casey Miner KQED -- 11/23/14


Balz: For Democrats, Hillary Clinton just has to say ‘Go.’ For voters, she’ll have to say much more -- It was all Hillary Clinton, all day, Friday in New York, a day that helped crystallize how much already has been done for the prospective presidential candidate by others and, more importantly, what she has yet to do for herself. Dan Balz in the Washington Post$ -- 11/23/14

G.O.P.-Led Benghazi Panel Bolsters Administration -- The House Intelligence Committee has joined previous panels in rejecting the most damning accusations about the handling of the 2012 attacks on American outposts. Michael S. Schmidt in the New York Times$ -- 11/23/14